Guest Blogging FAQs – Digital Tech Grand

Guest Blog FAQs

Who can write the guest blogs?

Bloggers, Writer, Marketer, and who work Tech related field can write the guest blogs.

How long is each guest blog post?

Each post is at least 800 to 2000 words

Can I provide my own blog content?

Yes, of course, you can send us your content at

Which categories you are accepting blog?

We are accepting Technology News, Technical Updates, Technology Press Releases, Latest App and Gadget updates., Digital Marketing, Business Tips, Social Media News & Tricks, Gadget and Product Reviews, SEO related guest blogs.

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Increase Your Exposure and Brand Awareness. It helps you promote the website in different platforms. 

Guest blogging helps with SEO?

Yes, inbound links (or links to your website) are the number one ranking factor when it comes to search engines. 

How many links should I have in my blog?

Accept at least 1 link per blog post

How to contact?

You can visit our Contact us page or e-mail us