How Can MSP Boost Construction and Restoration Business?

Restoration Business

The IT function in construction and restoration companies needs to be in sync with the latest technological advancements to enable the organization to thrive. Robust IT support can assist these businesses in automating tedious and manual tasks, such as accounting estimation, document management, and more, while accelerating productivity as well as efficiency.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can help construction and restoration businesses meet their unique IT requirements and give them an edge over competitors. They provide comprehensive managed IT services for a fixed monthly fee to help businesses meet their long-term objectives of revenue and growth, while streamlining their day-to-day IT operations.

Let’s take a look at the various advantages that construction and restoration businesses can leverage by hiring managed IT services.

Different Ways an MSP Can Help Construction and Restoration Business

1. Access to Trained and Expert IT Professionals

MSPs work with highly skilled IT staff, who have experience of working with clients in the construction and restoration business. These IT professionals have comprehensive knowledge of the various software and tools that can fulfill the technology needs of a construction firm. Some of these are mentioned below:

●    Sage General Contractor

The outsourced IT staff make use of software such as Sage General Contractor for streamlining the construction business’s accounting, job costing, and product scheduling processes.

●    Exactamate 

This software provides an exact cost estimate of a construction project.

●    AutoCAD 

IT professionals leverage AutoCAD to help construction and restoration businesses create precise 2D or 3D drawings and illustrations of upcoming projects, thereby giving the business accurate and high-quality blueprints.

●    Building Information Modeling (BIM) 

This is used by IT experts to help construction managers create 3D models of buildings to efficiently plan and manage their construction.

2.  Fewer IT Expenses

As MSPs provide construction and restoration businesses with access to the best IT experts, construction companies can do away with the staffing cost related to maintaining a full-time IT team with competitive salaries, sick leaves, insurance, and other benefits.

Also, since MSPs look after the IT infrastructure of a construction business, the cost incurred by the firm for buying, installing, and updating software/hardware is eliminated. This, in turn, reduces the IT expenditure of construction companies and helps them direct their funds towards other important areas of their business.

3.  Smooth Mobile Device Management (MDM)

A lot of construction employees, such as foremen and construction personnel, work off-site. In order to facilitate smooth work on-the-go, they may use their personal devices to retrieve critical business data such as client details, building blueprints, among others. If these devices are not protected properly, the risks of data theft and malware infiltration increase.

MSPs make use of MDM to manage and protect the personal devices of employees being used for official work. From installing software updates to troubleshooting IT issues remotely, MDM ensures the smooth management of employee-owned devices.

MDM is also used for wiping confidential business data remotely from lost or stolen employee devices, thereby combating potential cyber-attacks smoothly. It, therefore, comes as no surprise that the MDM market is expected to grow from USD 4.3 billion this year to USD 15.7 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 29.6%.

4. Constant Helpdesk Support

By hiring an MSP, construction and restoration businesses can get round-the-clock helpdesk support for IT issues related to system failures, server outages, and more. Construction firms can leverage both on-site and off-site helpdesk support. On-site support can be availed by asking the MSP’s personnel to visit the business’s location. Businesses can also seek off-site support through email, instant messaging, and phone calls.

5.  Increased Focus on Core Objectives

Since MSPs take care of the day-to-day IT operations, in-house IT employees can take care of other important revenue-generating activities. They are free to focus their time and skills on developing strategies that fulfill the business’s core objectives of delivering high-quality construction projects, while improving client satisfaction.

6.  Improved Cybersecurity 

The global construction industry witnessed a total of 37 cybersecurity incidents last year. Construction and restoration businesses can easily mitigate cybersecurity threats through the robust cybersecurity measures implemented by MSPs. Some of these are mentioned ahead.

●    While MSPs incorporate firewall and antivirus to protect the construction firm’s network from malicious attacks, regular software updates and patches are applied to fix network vulnerabilities
●    MSPs use Virtual Private Network (VPN) to encrypt the critical business data passing between the firm’s network and their remote employee’s system.
●    Remote Monitoring Management (RMM) software is leveraged to analyze, detect, and remediate IT issues instantly
●    Robust disaster recovery and business continuity plans are offered by MSPs through restorable off-site and cloud data back-up. It helps construction firms access lost or stolen data immediately and minimize the resulting effects.
●    MSPs conduct security awareness training for employees to help them identify the various signs of cyber-attacks. The training focuses on password management, practicing safe browsing and social media habits, and more.

Wrap Up

From enabling streamlined communication and easy on-the-go team collaboration to providing access to seasoned IT professionals and state-of-the-art IT infrastructure as well as cybersecurity, a reputable MSP can help construction and restoration businesses level up their overall growth and development. In a nutshell, construction and restoration businesses can improve their business operations and stay ahead of their competition by partnering with a reliable MSP.

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