How To Do a Live Streaming Webcast from Zoom to Social Media

How To Do a Live Streaming Webcast from Zoom to Social Media

Step 1: Login to Zoom account in Web Browser

Zoom account

Step 2:  Go to the Zoom Account Profile


Zoom Account Profile

Step 3: Go to settings -> in Meeting (Advanced) -> Allow live streaming meeting (Note: this features only available in Paid Plan) click and enable.You can choose the multiple Social media account and also custom live streaming.


ZOOM Meeting

Step 4: Go to Host a meeting option and select with Video on/off and Screen share only option.

Host a meeting

 Step 5: After select the option then Zoom App is open.

Zoom App

Step 6: Go the “more” option and select the Live custom streaming services

Live custom streaming services

 Step 7: Go the website and login it.


 Step 8: Go to add channel option and select multiple channel like facebook and YouTube

channel option

 Step 9: Connect to the particular Channel like facebook and You Tube and enable it.


 Step: 10: After connect the channels you can update the Title and Content for all account.



Step 11: Copy the “RTMP URL” and go to Zoom meeting app paste it to “Streaming URL” and also copy the Steam Key and paste it on Zoom App. Add the Live Steaming page URL



Step 12: Go Live

Go Live


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