How to Create facebook Campaign Step by Step Guide to Advertising


facebook Campaign
Facebook has over 2.45 billion monthly users as per latest record. This is the one of the largest and popular social media platform.

What is Facebook Ads Manager?

Facebook Ads Manager is an ad management tool to create, edit and analyze paid promotional Facebook campaigns.

First of you have goals for your Facebook Campaigns Like:

•    Increase traffic to my website from Facebook
•    Increase attendance at my event
•    Generate new leads
•    Increase the reach of our content on Facebook
•    Boost engagement for our Facebook Page 

Here are some things that you can do using the Facebook Ads Manager. 

•    Design ads and ad sets
•    Create and run Facebook & Instagram ad campaigns
•    Manage and optimize ad bids
•    Create lookalike and Custom audiences
•    Target different audiences with different ad sets
•    Optimize your campaigns
•    Track the performance of your ad campaigns
•    A/B test your ads 

Step-by-Step Guide to Create a New Facebook Ad Campaign: 

Step 1 

Go to the Campaigns tab and click on Create.

Facebook Ad


Step 2

The first step is to select a campaign objective. 

campaign objective

Step 3

Fill in the campaign name

campaign name

Step 4: 

You will also see a Campaign Budget Optimization option, you can select Daily or Lifetime budget.

Campaign Budget Optimization

Step 5

The next step is creating your first Ad set for your campaign. Add name of your ad set and also select start and end date and time for your campaign.

Ad set for your campaign

Step 6 

If you want help creating your ad creative, then you can try the Dynamic Creative option. Otherwise, scroll down.

Step 7 

Do you know any success Paid Campaign secret? Yes, targeting audience next step is choosing your audience.

Step 8: You can choose from a list of demographic and Interest, behavioral targeting filters and then save your audience.


choosing your audience

Step 9: Select your placement option from automatic and manual.

automatic and manual

Step 10

Select from the optimization and delivery options and click on Next.

Step 11

Now create your first campaign facebook ad

Step 12

Select an ad format. The choices include a single image, single video, and carousel ad.


Step 13: Upload the media file and add your primary text.



Step 14: Select your language and set up ad tracking options.


tracking options


Step 15:

Preview your Facebook ad, make any changes if needed, and publish.

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