Advantages of adding live chat to your website

Live Chat to your Website

Communicating with customers will always be the number one priority for any business. Without customers, there is no business. With that in mind, it is worth considering what is the best communication channel at your disposal. By far, one of the most effective options is having live chat support. There are many advantages of adding live chat to your website, so let's look at how they can affect your business.

Customers simply love chat

The rule is, if your customers like and enjoy a specific feature, you need to implement it immediately. If we look at the most important reports in Google Analytics, you will see that many factors affect the conversion rate. Overall, customer satisfaction should be the main drive. A live chat feature on your website proves that you are ready to go the extra mile to provide that level of satisfaction.

Building a connection with customers

Another reason why live chat is so useful is that it helps you build a connection with your customers. A connection based on trustworthiness.

Whenever clients have any issues or questions, they usually have to send an e-mail or open a support ticket. This process often takes time, and clients don't like to wait or have long correspondences. If it is a matter of urgency, they want an immediate response - something that live chat makes possible.

With that in mind, if a visitor sees a live chat option on your website, they will know that you don't shy away from connecting with your clients, and that you are doing everything you can to provide round-the-clock service.

Employee management

Besides being a helpful feature, live chat also allows you to service more customers at the same time. If you have a limited number of employees, that won't be possible. With live chat, a customer support agent can talk to multiple clients at once.

Why live chat wins over call support

The level of stress is lowered

Aside from the fact that live chat makes it possible for one agent to service multiple clients, there is also less tension in the process. If a call center agent talks with 5 or 10 people in a row, and they all have issues and complaints, the level of stress and tension rises. Agents can often hear customers yelling at them when they are not satisfied. Furthermore, there is also a situation where the level of tension and stress results in the agent talking back to the customer in a way that they shouldn't.

Live chat removes that tension because it takes away the vocal element, and your agents will be less stressed.

Live chat is a no-stress zone for clients

Furthermore, many people don't like to call and make a complaint. They just don't have the confidence, or simply do not like conflicts. However, if they have an issue and no pleasant way to report it, they will change their vendor. A live chat is a safe environment for people to ask questions in a calm way.

People don't like to wait on the phone

"Please be patient and stay on the line, a support agent will be with you shortly."
There's a sentence that no one likes to hear. If a customer calls to report an issue, and you have a busy day, they might have to wait for a while until an agent answers. Waiting for someone to answer the phone is a tedious process.

On the other hand, if a customer opens a chat and receives a message that all agents are busy, instead of holding the phone and listening to a generic song, he or she may still do other stuff while waiting.

People like to chat - it is a free way to communicate

With social media platforms becoming so popular, people are used to chatting in all spheres of their lives. Customer behavior towards social media has changed radically, and it is a change for the better.

Have in mind that you might be servicing people from other countries. They don't want to have to call your agents from their mobile phones, and then receive a large bill at the end of the month.

Chat transcript vs. a recording of the call

Another reason why live chat beats call support any day of the week is that it is easier to keep textual transcripts than recorded conversations.

To paint a picture more clearly, here is an example. Imagine having a customer that makes a complaint against one of the call center agents, saying that they were rude and not helpful at all. The call was 40 minutes long. Either you or the manager in charge now has to listen to the entire conversation. That is 40 minutes of your busy day you will never get back. And in the business world, 40 minutes is a lot.

If you have a chat transcript in a text file, you can easily scroll through the entire conversation or even search for key words.

There is also the matter of the size of the files. Audio recordings may be large, but a text file is just a couple of bites.

Finally, no one likes to be recorded. Sometimes, that can even result in a lawsuit. 

It is easier to set up a live chat than to buy a bunch of expensive phones

A CISCO phone often used for call centers is somewhere around $500. From there, the price only goes up. If you have 10 agents answering calls, that is $5000 on phones only. Alternatively, setting up a chat option on your website is a quick process that does not require additional expenses.

With the help of WP Full Care, you can have the live chat option installed in no time. 

A final summary of the advantages of adding live chat to your website

So, we have established that the advantages of adding live chat to your website are:

●    providing your customers with an effective solution to their issues
●    building a connection based on trust and availability
●    servicing more customers at the same time
●    reducing stress and tension in the process
●    no waiting on the phone
●    chat is free for your clients
●    text transcripts are easy to keep and review
●    a live chat option is a more effective, and at the same time cheaper solution 

As you can see, all the points go in favor of live chat. With that in mind, if you are looking for a way to improve user experience and your website, setting up a live chat option is a safe bet!

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