Custom Logo Design Trends for 2020 and Beyond


The year 2020 has arrived with a drastic wave of transformation for the entire globe. The term 'unprecedented' has become the new normal. The corporate sector has faced halt, destruction, and digital overhaul, all at the same time.

Companies around the world are striving to revamp their businesses and get back on their feet after the lockdown. Business owners need to acknowledge and integrate the new vision for their organizations in their branding and custom logo design.

We must embrace the fact that everything will change shape somehow, including logo design and branding. In this blog, we will explore the logo design trends that will follow into the late 2020 and beyond.

Custom Logo Design Trends: The New Normal

Surveys have indicated that the pandemic has become the most stressful time for 7 in 10 people globally. They are worried about their jobs, finances, and most importantly, safety. The concerns that have emerged with the global lockdown have had a substantial impact on mental health.

Organizations need to respond to these concerns through words, actions, and rebranding. Custom logo design can be the starting point for this practice as it is the first and foremost element that a customer comes in touch with.  

To cater to that, here are the three elements of custom logo design that need your attention as per the trends of 2020;

1.    Choosing the Right Colors
2.    Mindful Symbolism
3.    Hints of Carefulness

1. Choosing the Right Colors

As we step into a world where people are anxious, extra cautious, and more stressed than ever, we need empathy more than creativity. Colors have a more profound impact on the human mind. It can affect the mood by causing a boost in energy to provoke anxiety.
Brands need to be careful while using colors in their custom logo design and visuals for social media communication.

Research shows that 93% of consumer judgments are based upon visual perceptions. If your target audience associates your brand colors with something negative, they will actively avoid your product.  

We can best understand this by the color red. It was known for both passion and danger, but now it may only be seen as the latter. It may evoke negative emotions and anxiety in the minds of the consumer.

People have seen this color in the visuals regarding COVID-19 throughout the lockdown. It has been putting them in a sad state all along. There is a high chance that they will associate it with the same depression and danger from hereon.

We strongly suggest avoiding the color red in 2020, and for a couple of years that follow.
Another color that may have a negative association due to COVID-19 would be dark blue. You may have noticed that most of the visuals about the virus are designed with a specific blue background. That image has plastered itself in the minds of the consumers all this while, and using the color may provoke their anxiety.

Dark blue is already associated with sadness, and the perception may further deepen in the COVID-struck world.

That leaves us with the colors that can be used. You may opt for the lighter shades of blue as they create a feeling of calmness, trust, and serenity. People also associate blue with water, which makes it purifying and promotes a sense of safety.

All other colors can be used for rebranding and custom logo design. You only need to be empathetic while choosing them as to what they may make your target audience feel.

2. Mindful Symbolism

Moving further with the impact of visual perceptions on the consumers' minds, let's look at the crucial role symbolism has to play in the logo design.

Shapes, symbols, and their combinations say more about a custom logo design than one may think. These elements can be abstract shapes, particular objects, or letters. Every component that is made part of the logo design has to have a philosophy behind it.

You can not just add random shapes in your logo design because you think they look good. The best logo designs in the world have an underlying thought process, subliminal messages, and a lot more than what meets the eye.

In a post-pandemic world, mindful use of these symbols would mean avoiding shapes that may associate with that of the virus.

Although circular shapes signify community, friendship, unity, and perfection, using those mindlessly may cause more harm. Not everyone may think of it the same way, but some people would remember its resemblance with the visuals related to the virus.

It would be safer for your brand to avoid using such shapes and symbols for a while.
A good practice would be opting for symbols that show hope, positivity, and safety.

3. Hints of Carefulness

Put an extra effort to show that you are willing to serve your customers with added protection. Whether your business deals with food products or real estate, there are ways you can suggest your carefulness through the custom logo design.

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures. It won't hurt your brand image to add a plus sign or any other element that shows the additional careful steps that you are taking. Your customers will find comfort in using your products and services, due to the effort you are putting in.

The logo design must reflect sanitization, sincerity, and safety as your organization's priority. 


The world was already transforming, and the pandemic acted like a catalyst in the process. Apart from the digital transformation the lockdown brought, other implications will continue to affect the minds of the people. Your brand's custom logo design and communication have to be in line with these emerging changes.

A smart logo design company like LogoGrand understands the pandemic's impacts and knows suitable ways to cater to the audience per the needs of today and the future.

Author Bio: 

Nefilya Parker is a Branding Specialist from New York who finds passion in Graphic Design, Digital Marketing, and SEO. Her love for writing is inspired by the desire to share creative ideas and help businesses in its execution. She has been providing her expertise as a brand expert to LogoGrand for the past 3 years.


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