Top 8 Green Smart Home Gadgets

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It's no doubt that as technology evolves, so do our homes. This makes smart home gadgets the future of homes in the current world. A smart home basically means you use internet connected gadgets to manage and control systems in your home remotely. This enables you to make your everyday chores manageable and pleasant, cut down monthly expenditure on electricity, and even save the planet. Green smart gadgets are, by definition, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly.

With immense improvements in smart home gadgets ranging from smart garden monitors to power management systems to home cleaning gadgets, it's now easier to cut your home's energy expenses. This article gives you some of our recommendations for green smart home gadgets to help you save the earth.

1. Wi-Fi Air and Environment Monitor

After a long and demanding day at school or work, it’s good to return home to a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere. So, polluted air is the last thing you want to breathe when you get home.

Air and environment smart gadgets allow you to keep your loved ones safe by safeguarding the air they breathe. It keeps track of the carbon monoxide, humidity and temperature levels in the room. Being connected to the internet, this smart home health gadget sends notifications to your phone or tablet through a Wi-Fi connection. Some produce different light color indicators to let you know of a variation in the atmosphere. 

This is one of those green smart home gadgets that can be most helpful to parents and pet lovers. Wi-Fi air and environment monitors let you keep comfortable environmental conditions and, more so, use energy more efficiently.

2. Smart Thermostat


Saving energy with smart home gadget technology is a great way to cut down home expenditure and stay green. Smart thermostat technology is a leap beyond the preprogrammed ordinary thermostats in the market. The capability to monitor and control your heating remotely, so you don't waste electricity is a wish for many homeowners. A home smart thermostat is one of the essential gadgets in the low carbon emission puzzle. According to the statistics from the Environmental Protection Agency, most homes can reduce an estimate of about 20% to 30% of their energy consumption only by installing a smart thermostat. 

During the first week of use, you have to turn down the thermostat wherever you go to bed or when you are not at home. Since it is a smart home thermostat, it will learn these patterns and hence create a routine. Some have a green leaf icon that appears on the gadget when you select a temperature level that saves you energy and money.

Home smart thermostat allows you to remotely control and monitor your home temperature through your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer by directly connecting it to your personal home Wi-Fi network. Some of these gadgets also lets you control and monitor the consumption of energy by tracking cooling and heating patterns so you can plan to cut down your electricity bill using this information.

3. Wi-Fi Garden State Tracker

Keeping up an ever-green garden can be a stressful task. It demands commitment and constant monitoring. Thanks to home smart technology, you can easily buy yourself some fantastic home garden gadgets to make this task manageable, comfortable, and pleasant.

This garden tracker is Wi-Fi enabled and provides you with information on your garden state directly to your smartphone. Depending on the information you need, you can get notifications such as soil nutrition, light, temperature, humidity, etc.  

4. Smart Strip

Getting yourself green smart home gadgets will do you less good if you are going to leave them plugged in power all day long. Smart strips are power extension cords that disconnects power to gadgets when they are either on standby mode or shut down. 

A device on standby power consumes an estimate of about 5% to 10% of your total home electricity consumption. Whereas, installing a smart strip lets you save up to $150 annually. These power strips differ with manufacturers; however, the most common types have three main parts i.e., auto-off outlets, constant outlets, and the control outlet.

In the control outlet, you plug in gadgets like your TV set while in the auto-off outlets you plug-in gadgets such as a gaming console, set-top box, Blu-ray player, etc. Auto-off outlets are suitable for gadgets that only consume power when they are in use. On the constant outlets, you can connect gadgets that require you to stay on power all the time, such as alarm systems, modems, and routers.

5. Garden Watering Timer & Rear Engine Riding Mower

Garden watering timer is one of the best green smart home gadgets for those who want to keep routine monitoring on their garden irrigation system. With this smart gadget, you can connect multiple pipes to one spout and set a timer on each hose.

All you require is a home Wi-Fi connection and a control device such as a smartphone, personal computer, or a tablet. This smart timer can detect the moisture level in the soil and run several watering cycles at different times throughout the day. 

Some smart garden watering timers can accurately predict the weather in your area and adjust the watering cycle routine so that your vegetation gets the perfect amount of water.

A rear engine riding mower is a smart home tool that replaces several manual tools in garden landscaping. If you are looking for a powerful yet easy to operate all in one mower, then this would be a perfect choice.

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6. Smart Solar Panels

Solar panels were initially made to improve people's quality of life who do not have direct access to hydro-electric power. Most of this population relied on fuel like kerosene for domestic use, which caused pollution in one way or another. With the advancement in technology, solar power panels have been revolutionized to serve even more purposes. The introduction of SmartFlower solar panels is a game changer to saving energy and the planet at large.

SmartFlower solar panels employ the use of advanced robotics mechanisms and automation to follow the direction of the sun rays intelligently. This smart technology creates up to 40% more energy than ordinary stationary solar panels. When the sun sets, this solar panel folds up automatically and does self-cleaning to maintain a high solar utilization the next day the sun comes up. Its flower-like design is aesthetically more attractive than regular solar panels and has a provision for an independent mount if your home roof cannot accommodate it. 

7. Smart Fan

Are you tired of getting out of your couch to turn on or regulate the A/C? Well, the smart fan could be the perfect solution for you. Unlike traditional stand or wall fans, which features an on and off function, smart fans allow you to adjust and program a range of preferences to find the most suitable way to cool you off. Smart fans connect to home Wi-Fi and can be paired and operated from your smartphone or tablet. Most of them have been integrated with voice control assistants like Amazon's Alexa. This enables you to control the fan by merely speaking to it, for example, "Hey Alexa, turn the fan on." That sounds cool, right?

A smart fan has to meet a few standards for it to be worth your cash. It has to have a remote-control device or a functional smartphone app, it has to deliver decent airflow into the room, and it has to look attractive in your house.

8. Smart Lighting

Lighting up your household has never been an easy thing to do. Imagine having one button that turns on or off all the lights in your home at night or on your way out of the house? For absolute control and unmatched convenience when it comes to lighting up your household, you'll want to consider a comprehensive home smart lighting system.

Home smart light gadgets are becoming popular in most modern homes today. With this technology at home, you don't have to worry if you left your bedroom or garden lights on since you can operate them remotely on your smart device. Some advanced smart lighting systems have integrated voice controls such as Amazon’s Alexa. This voice assistant functionality lets you speak to your lighting system. Well, all you need to say is, "Hey Alexa, please turn off the lights."

Advanced smart lighting systems offer you the capability to connect and operate your home lighting gadgets from your tablet or smartphone - and the potentials are limitless! You can change the ambiance, warmth of a bulb, or even switch the shade of illumination — all these preferences can be accessed through voice control assistant or just a simple tap of your smartphone or tablet.

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