The importance of having the best logo in 2020

The importance of having the best logo in 2020

A good logo is as essential to a company as the face is to a person. We recognize people by their looks. It allows us to draw conclusions about the personality and character of the person we are meeting. And whether we find a person likable or unsympathetic, attractive, or unattractive, trustworthy, or threatening depends mostly on their face. Similarly, the logo plays a significant part in making the face of the company. 

Here are 10 tips used when choosing the right logo that The Designs Zone swears by.

1. A good logo reflects the personality of your brand

Your logo is a symbol of everything that your company stands for. It should not be a product that has been rashly put together according to personal taste. A good logo is based on an idea that conveys your brand essence: your vision, values, message, offer, and target group should be reflected.

Ideally, you can use the company logo to explain your employees, partners, and customers what the brand stands for. Before you hire a logo designer, you should clearly define your brand's personality.

2. A good logo is symbolic

A well-designed logo contains a message to the viewer: it can be a story, an idea, maybe just a feeling. The font's choice, the colors, and the shape - every design element should be chosen consciously to convey this message.

The Apple logo is a good example: instead of a technical logo, Apple opted for a bitten apple. It looks fresh, personable, witty, simple, and tangible. Just what Apple products are supposed to be!

3. A good logo is a reference to the brand, not an illustration

A logo represents a company's values and vision. It is always a bit abstract and only provides an indication of what is behind it. The best logos encourage viewer engagement and thereby attract attention. Logos that simply depict the company's performance, on the other hand, appear dull and not easy to remember.

4. A good logo stands above short-term trends

Designing a logo and brand building is a long-term investment. Your company logo should still work well five or ten years from now. Avoid fashionable trends and effects if possible.
It is usual for a logo to evolve and change over time. However, these periods should be very generous, and the adjustment should be based on a specific occasion or goal. This development can be quickly followed by old brands, like the logo of Mercedes Benz.

5. A good logo is as simple as possible, but as complex as necessary

This means that a logo should be designed as minimalistic as possible, yet complex enough to be independent and recognizable. Everything that goes beyond that makes your logo unnecessarily complicated and decrease its memorability.

6. A good logo is memorable

A logo should be easy to remember and recognize. A good test is whether it can be quickly traced with viewer memory. If you look at the development of well-known brand logos over time, you will find that they have often been reduced to the essentials.

A good example is the Starbucks logo with the two-tailed mermaid. The original version was very detailed and challenging to grasp. Today the logo is still very complicated, but the smiling mermaid is now easy to recognize.

7. A good logo is only the cornerstone of a convincing brand presence

The logo is the cornerstone of your brand reputation. A logo appearance should be compelling enough to increase brand presence. Many companies make the mistake of designing their advertising material individually and not paying attention to the overall picture.

8. A good logo enhances your presence

We have just mentioned that it seems unprofessional if your corporate identity is not designed uniformly. Even if you appear convincing and trustworthy to your customers as a person, a cheap and inferior business card can quickly tarnish this impression.

But instead of just seeing the negative, imagine the opposite:

You present your services to a possible new customer, and everything looks like a single piece. Your business card is printed on high-quality paper and is easy to grip and heavy in hand. Your brochure fits seamlessly into the picture and is a pleasure to leaf through. In an elegant and effective PowerPoint presentation, every detail of the quality of your services is convincing.

This is not just a show, but emphatically testifies to competence and creates trust.   Even in yourself. Because if you have to apologize for the lousy printing of your price list from the copy shop, how are you going to charge a reasonably high price for your certainly excellent offer?


It is essential that you are not only enthusiastic about your logo but also your entire corporate identity. The logo, together with the associated corporate design, is the flagship of your company. When you hand over your business card, you should be proud that you’ve done your absolute justice to designing your logo.

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