The 6 Most Important Reports in Google Analytics [Infographic]

Google Analytics

The capability of measuring conversions has made Google Analytics very important for marketers. It helps in identifying whether desired results are obtained from websites after putting the efforts. It doesn’t matter if the marketers are so much experienced but it will be very challenging for them to master Google Analytics. Now I will describe the 

6 most important reports in Google Analytics.

1. Report about the performance of mobile – It gives you information if there is any improvement required in your mobile optimized website. You can also look by whom your site is accessed? Are they people using mobile or another device?

2. Report about content efficiency – This report gives you information if the audience is engaged more by any particular content. Do the readers enjoy reading any particular content? Are there some contents that achieve conversions?

3. Report about Keyword analysis – The keywords of your website that are most popular are analysed in this report. Each keyword’s page load time, goal completions, conversion rates and visitor metrics are shown here.

4. Report about visitors – It may be possible that the visitors visit your site. But if they return back again then their percentage is shown in this report. Bounce rates are usually low for returning visitors.

5. Report about landing pages – After entering your site the users may be landing on certain pages. All this information is given in this report. Interaction of the visitors with your website can be easily figured out with this report.

6. Report about traffic acquisition – This report gives you information if your ads are clicked by people or not? Is any traffic generated by your guest post? Is your SEO strategy actually working? By this you will get information about traffic sources.

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