Google launches Nearby Share, Now Apple's AirDrop-like feature in Android smartphones

Google launches Nearby Share

With the help of the Nearby Share feature, two Android smartphones can share files among themselves, although this feature only supports Android 6 and above.

Nearby Share is a file sharing platform, which has finally been launched for Android smartphone users. With the help of this feature, two Android smartphones can share files among themselves, although this feature only supports Android 6 and above. Explain, this feature is similar to Apple's AirDrop file sharing platform.

After a long wait, now finally Google has rolled out this feature. For now, this feature will only work on select Google Pixel and Samsung enabled smartphones, although Google has not made it clear what those phones will be. It is expected that in the coming weeks, this Nearby Share feature will be introduced for other Android smartphones as well. This feature will also support Chromebooks in the coming months.

The information about this feature was revealed from the beginning of the year, in old reports it was said that this feature will be known as Fast Share. Nearby Share will function exactly like Apple's AirDrop feature. For this, first you have to choose the file you want to share. After this you have to select the option of 'Nearby Share'.

After waiting for some time, you will see the nearby Android smartphone on the screen of your phone. After this, all you have to do is click on the name of the device with which you want to share the file and then that file will go smoothly in that device. The receiver receiving the file is given the choice of whether to accept the file or Decline. In such a situation, you will not receive any file without your permission.

Google says that the Nearby Share feature automatically selects the best protocol for sending files, which can be Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi. This allows you to send files even when you are offline.

Like AirDrop, you can also customize the visibility of your phone. You have options like 'Hidden,' 'Some contacts,' and 'All contacts'. Google has given information in its blog post that you can send and receive files anonymously, which means that you need to save a contact to share a file with someone once Will not fall.

As we mentioned, currently this feature can be used only on some Google products, but in the coming time, other Android phones and Chromebooks will also be included in it. A Google spokesperson informed The Verge that at the moment iPhone models, macOS devices, and Windows devices cannot use this feature, but support can also be offered on these platforms in the future.

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