Exploring On-Page and Off-Page SEO for Website Design

Exploring On-Page and Off-Page SEO for Website Design

The website of your company can grow if its SEO is done properly. For optimizing the SEO, the website owners can follow certain ways. It has been found that the search results’ first page was never scrolled down by 75 % visitors and this report is given by Hubspot. Your website will be overlooked by the visitors if a top spot is not achieved by your company.

Customers can be driven to the website and brand exposure can also be created by using the paid ad campaigns but it is not a perfect solution because these can not help you in giving tough competition to others. You will be surprised to know that organic search results are focussed and paid ads are ignored by 80 % visitors.

Your page ranking can be improved if SEO principles are followed by you.

Now let us understand the On-page SEO.

Here your website can make direct decisions related with your SEO. This will involve navigation, images, design layout and web copy. The various concepts that are included in the SEO strategies of On-page are:

- Optimization of keywords – Market research suggests that the keywords that are targeted and focussed should be featured in the copy of your website. To get an idea of what can be present in your web pages’ content the web crawlers take the help of keyword phrases that are discussed above.

- Use of meta descriptions – If you are searching something then each link includes some brief written text below it and it is called the meta description. The page includes some keywords phrases that are similar in many ways and are present in the meta description. The web crawlers as well as the readers can get information from the descriptions.

- Optimization of mobile – In SERPs the mobile friendly pages are prioritized by Google because today mobile is used for doing most of the searches. If mobile devices are used for viewing your website then also there are the chances of getting traffic. Your business may be requiring the mobile apps that are dedicated, so you need to focus on the design of mobile and responsiveness of the mobile must be explored by you.

- Producing content – For doing On-page SEO it is very essential if blogs and articles are written online. Page’s metadata, images accompanied, URLs, copy of the body and headlines having the keywords can also be included in your website along with the blog that is written on it.

- Providing good user experience – The SEO value is affected by all on-site decisions because a very important part of SEO is the user experience. The purpose of doing optimization is increasing the number of visitors visiting your website. But you should know that visitors can bounce back if their browsing experience is terrible. If the layout of your website is not good then some adjustments can be made in it to include UX web design.

Now let us understand the Off-page SEO.

An important thing to understand here is that off-site elements of SEO are influenced by Off-page SEO. These are considered as optimization’s important part but it is very difficult to influence these elements. On the basis of integration of the web page with the resources that are available online the page’s authority and credibility is told to the search engine by those elements of SEO that are Off-page. This is used with reference to web crawlers. If we compare these with On-page SEO then it is found that it is trickier to implement these improvements. Here the working procedure includes several things:

- Building links – The SEO value of your web page is improved if it is linked to some other website. It is called the ‘backlink’. The sharing of the content that is published by you is possible because of backlinks.

- Use of online directories – Having the aim of providing one or two backlinks to a website, unique content or company information is submitted by the brands with the help of online directories. If you are doing this then you will not be penalized by Google because this strategy is not illegal.

- Presence of social media – Your interaction with the customer and the visibility of your brand can also be provided if the presence of social media is very strong. Your web page may be getting a certain amount of traffic and it can be influenced by a social page that is vibrant.
Your online business sales can be increased by receiving quality traffic and enhancing organic visibility. For doing all this you can take the help of SEO company India.

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