Consumer Behavior Towards Social Media Marketing

Consumer Behavior Towards Social Media Marketing

Since the beginning of time, the very essential ingredient for a successful marketing strategy to yield the desired results. People like to hear about new products with ease and from trustworthy sources.

Social media has made communication between the brands and consumers more easy and accessible with the added advantage of visual representation. Brands are now easily able to be vocal about what their products are, what they truly stand for, and everything their brand has to offer. This made it all so easy for each consumer to know about each brand and decide whether they would like to become their true follower or not.  

Different Ways Social Media can Affect Consumer Behavior 

The growth and impact social media has in today’s day plays a vital role as it provides users with reliable information and reviews that act as a guide for them to carry out plans regarding their future purchases. Statistics prove that 54% of social media users use the platforms to research brands and products!

Here are a few ways in which social media can influence the consumer’s behavior: 

“My Product Will Solve All Your Problems” 

Every brand essentially aims to influence consumer behavior and are willing to walk the extra mile for it. What is important is to create a brand presence on social media; as this ensures you’ll never miss out on an opportunity to influence your consumers buying behavior.

The most commonly asked question by brands will be “How did you come across our brand/product/service?” - To which the answer is “Social Media” almost 9/10 times.

Any content a brand posts about their product is circulated all around different platforms daily. A large segment of various audiences is targeted through that content when they’re searching for solutions to their problems. Most of the time they won’t know what product or service will provide the solution but they will come across related content and instantly become a fan based on how your brand has motivated them towards a purchase.

I Like what I see, Therefore I Want It! 

Social Media is all about that jazz! People will show you the ideal way of life everyone wants to have, add extra glitter, and you’re instantly a fan of it all.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing visual proof of a product that you have had your eyes glued to in all its glory. Social proof has risen massively in acting as a greater force that drives people towards buying the product shown. Every happy customer goes on about a never ending praise of how great their experience was with their favorite brands in comments, shares or posts to their pages.

One cannot undermine the power of social proof as it has become a very important part of marketing for buyers and sellers. They must display their products with a touch of glam and luxury making it seem appealing and desirable.

For best results, sharing testimonials, pictures, praising/appreciating comments and videos of happy customers ensures the consumer they are making the right choice by placing their trust in the hands of the brand. All that, and it will make a solid statement on your landing page and increase the conversion rate instantly!  

Promotions, Discounts, and Deals?! Count me in!

Many people have signed up to different platforms and have joined multiple groups/pages/forums of their interest to keep themselves updated on the daily with the hottest trends. This also includes the added benefit of being in the know of exclusive promotions and deals!

Statistics have proven that 64% of online consumers wait for massive sales to buy their favorite things at discounted prices! With that being said, social media also happens to be a collection of platforms that let brands instantly target a massive crowd of active social media users free of charge!

However, a few platforms also allow brands to use their marketing tools to assist in targeting an audience that is relevant to their brand. All these factors walk hand in hand in influencing the consumers behavior towards each brand, as they see your product, likes and share them on the platform.

Social Media Influencers 

Celebrities, popular bloggers, and/or social media influencers all play a vital role in developing a brand image that may act as a driving force into greater buying decisions in consumers. Users are most likely going to buy from a brand just to imitate their favorite celebrities and keep themselves up to date with the trends.

A recommended action to take is to contact relevant influencers to promote your products/services; this will encourage consumers to purchase them based on the recommendations of their favorite social media influencers. Also, a major marketing strategy of today is to replace celebrities with influencers that have a strong online presence on YouTube, Twitter, Snapchat, and Instagram. Consumers love the unfiltered true feedback from the mouth of their trusted sources. 


Pure, true and raw content, visuals, promotions/deals, and influencers; all are the ingredients to yield the ideal buying behavior from your consumers!

Brands and businesses are slowly giving in to the trend and are convinced it cannot be ignored if they truly want results and a major increase in the conversion rates! It is statistically proven that the influence of social media can be at 29% of consumers are more likely to purchase the recent reviewed products on the same day of being on any social media platform!

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