How to fix Broken and Corrupt JPEG Headers?

As you know, we face problems in opening the JPEG image when it gets corrupted. Those images which are very important to us if they get corrupted then it creates a huge problem for us. Therefore, here we are suggesting different ways to repair corrupt JPEG file headers. So that you are accessible to those corrupt JPEG images by repairing it. The perfect suggestions will make the process very easy to repair JPEG headers.

Firstly, I am trying to show you why it is important to repair a corrupt JPEG file…... 

Why is it necessary to repair corrupt JPEG images?

1. As everyone clicks and saves lots of images as their memories which is very important to them, and if those files get corrupted then it creates a panic situation for them.
2. If images get corrupted, then it seems like our memories start to fade away or it can be very useful for important work purposes.

That’s why we need to know about the method which is used to repair the broken JPEG file header and helps to bring back our faded memories or to get access to important documents that will be in JPEG format.

Now, you have thought of how to repair the JPEG header. So here we came up with the great ideas to repair the broken JPEG headers from those images by using two manual methods.

How to Repair JPEG headers using the Manual method?

Method 1: By using the hex editor of the JPEG file of the same camera.
Method 2: By using the hex editor if a perfect JPEG file for the same camera is not available.

All JPEG has to start with the valid digit ‘ FF D8 FF’. If it is not started with these valid digits then, it shows that header information gets corrupted. Because of that, we will have to repair that corrupt file for further use.
 So that you can compare both and choose the best one which will be suitable for you. Here we begin with the manual methods……

Method 1: By using the hex editor of the JPEG file of the same camera.
  1. Initially, open the perfect JPEG file in the same camera.
  2. File which shows no corruption on viewing.
  3. Then, checks that image header information by using a hex editor
  4. Then change it, Now you can use that image by changing its headers pieces of information.
If the original header information is not available then you aren't able to use that image simply. So here we need another method that will repair corrupt files if there is no original header information.

Method 2: By using the hex editor if a perfect JPEG file for the same camera is not available.

It is a process to use hex editing even if there is no original information on the corrupt JPEG headers. So, here you can see how to use it to repair corrupt JPEG file headers files as follows:
  1. Open Windows 10 browser.
  2. Then, click on the paint option
  3. After that, doodle whatever you want in the dark space.
  4. Then go to file, choose to save as option
  5. Then, choose a destination to save those images
  6. Rename the file name
  7. And click the save button
  8. Then you can save that file in JPEG format
  9. Create a JPEG file in the hex editor
  10. And we get the correct JPEG headers.
This manual method has some flaws as well. It consumes more time to execute every step, low speed of execution, and also needs some technical experience. Therefore, to save your time and complexity as well, you can go with a professional solution.

So, we suggest you use the Photo Recovery tool which has all the features including the recovery of all types of deleted or lost data from corrupt, damaged or inaccessible NTFS, FAT32, FAT16, and NTFS5 partitions. Also, this utility is compatible with all the Windows and Mac Versions. Even Non-Tech can also be able to use it very easily.


Here, we have shown you the solution to repair corrupt JPEG file Header by different approaches to give a good understanding about the solution. We think this blog will helps you to repair the damaged JPEG file header easily.