How Mobile Marketing Prompted to Enhance Business Productivity?

With the improvement in technology, digital marketing has become easy these days. It is even possible through mobile phones. For everyone to conduct their daily life activity, mobile phones have been an essential part of carrying on with them. They have been consistently operated so that their consistent operation will bring lifelong

development with every coming day. If you have the availability of the internet on your mobile phone, you can quickly work for an online business.

Suppose for your products; customers can easily access it with their phone, then it will be easy for you to sell products on a large scale. Customers will have the right information required in their hands anywhere and at any time. That is all your motive to promote an online business. Mobile marketing has made it easy for you to work any time with a good internet connection. In the digital marketing era, a new business in the town is supposed to be mobile marketing, and the one who has a smartphone with them will be your audience and user.

Continue to read the different strategies to lead the importance of mobile marketing. The following significance of mobile marketing is essential for a digital marketer to follow and grow business.

What is mobile marketing?

Mobile Marketing is all about using mobile phones for marketing your goods. You can use mobile marketing to improve any marketing activity, either it is online shopping or by sending messages to the people. You can conduct this activity of marketing with the help of the ubiquitous business. Use your mobile device for the same. 

It is quite similar to internet marketing, but here the advertisement for the product is using mobile devices. However, it would be best if you were sure that different emails, SMS, and other texts are sent to the people after a particular interval to remind them of your business products. 

Listed below is the importance of mobile marketing in the digital era.

Mobile usage has increased today.

A large number of people all around the world use the internet on their mobile phones and laptops. The quantity has increased from 10 people per day to thousands of people per hour. One-third of the time, these people spend on e-marketing. Thus with e-marketing, you can quickly get the attention of most of the social media users. Let people discuss your business very often and visit your website daily at least once or twice. 

A close relation between mobile commerce and mobile marketing

There are daily active users on Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, and other eCommerce sites to buy products. It is all because of their mobile-friendly websites to purchase products. So, why don't you prefer this to develop your business? You may be a seller but need a full-fledged promotion of the company and the development. Your business can grow on a large scale like Walmart so that every person should recognize it. 

However, make sure for one thing you need to develop an easily accessible and mobile-friendly website. Thus mobile marketing can help you achieve this goal quickly —60 % of the visits to eCommerce start with mobiles. Everyone does not have access to laptops or PCs. From product introduction to the sales, you will see a boost in the business's revenue if you go for mobile marketing.

Customers blindly trust mobile marketing.

Desktops are there before mobile usage. However, the add on to the desktop is something that we operate for many decades. 

- Availability of mobiles

For most of the people, they search for a service provider that iseasy and quick with its services so that it can fulfill their requirementsanywhere and anytime. For a company, it has become easy for a customer toconnect with the help of a mobile device, and for the user, it has become easy tosend good feedback to the company as per product usage. 

- Shoppers purchase with the mobile store.

With the help of mobile technology, it has become easy forcustomers to purchase online very quickly rather than visiting a physicalstore. So, with better mobile marketing, you can attract customers to yourstore to purchase your items. Effective mobile marketing can thus prove to bevery effective for your store. SEO has given a better alert to the business toattract more and more people. You can go for a better algorithm for the mobile-friendly sites through SEO techniques. Thus it gives a better web presence toyour website.

- SMS open rates are more than Email

When a person receives texts, he generally opens it rather thanreading emails. The open rate of SMS is 98%, and 90% of the users usually read thatshort message in seconds. Hence sending messages and promoting a business isfar better than any other form. But make sure you make a proper message so thatit attracts more and more users. Don't make your impression boring for them.Only this will prompt the users to reach your website and hence better businesspromotion. 

- Mobile marketing is comprehensive.

Smartphones are prevalent these days for every daily lifeactivity. These are small and cheap services that are more portable thancarrying a laptop or a computer. Thus you carry out the inexpensiveactivity with a smartphone rather than a computer. Even manufacturers have beenresponding in the best possible way and making a fast development. So, mobilemarketing has become an essential tool for promoting a business meeting itsdemands. 


Every new day Digital Marketing has been evolving, and mobilemarketing is a tool to promote digital marketing. Shifting of people fromlaptops to mobiles for daily activities has been developing on the right scale, andso it will continue to be. Better you go with Mobile marketing to promote abusiness.

Author Bio: Jignesh Vaghasiya is the CEO at Universal Stream Solution. Universal Stream Solution is a Mobile app development company in Atlanta. That helps startups to enterprise companies in mobile & web technology.