Top 16 Mobile App Ideas to Be Made in 2020

Mobile applications are going to be the future of traditional businesses. Are you running out of ideas? Let us discuss some of the mobile app ideas that will help you turn your traditional business into an online business.

Refrigerator alert app

An app that notifies you if you run out of any of the items that are there in your refrigerator and gives you the option to order online.

School notices app

An app that notifies parents about the important notice a school going student gets in their schools every day. This will make it easier for the parents to stay updated about what their kids are learning in their schools every day.

Health check-up apps

Creating the application in such a way where if a user is facing any issues related to their health, and when the user starts the app it should ask the user about the symptoms they are feeling in the sickness and then basis on the data the app should give answers to the user about what medicine they can take and what treatment is need to be done.

Augmented reality app that helps you design your room

Buying the right kind of furniture for the house is the biggest concern these days. Building an AR application is going to be very much in use. An app which can help the user to style the room by permitting you to use your phone camera and place 3D models of various items and furniture in the virtual space on your smartphone and see how it would look and also allows you to edit accordingly.

Bike servicing apps

A bike servicing platform which offers user’s door-step service, an in-built inventory management system that enables reduction of waiting-time. A smart app which will allow the pick and drop service of the vehicle where they themselves pick up the vehicle from the location itself which needs to be serviced and then drop it at the user’s location once the servicing is done.

Voice translation app

Travelling abroad and not knowing the language is the biggest concern of a tourist.

An app that can translate your voice into the desired language is going to be very much in use. An app which can translate all languages and has spoken words which make it easier for the user to pronounce it correctly.

Video editing application

The use of social media apps is immense. Everyday people put up their day to day life scenes in video formats for personal and professional use. An app that allows the user to edit professional looking and attention-grabbing video is going to be very much in use.

Fitness app

These days people face a lot of issues about being obese because of all the junk food junctions that are opening up in the market space and an office going person don’t always have time to cook. An app that lets the user to plan their diet and exercises according to their day and lifestyle and also has a chat room where they can talk with the professionals and get suggestions will help the user immensely. 

Parking space finder app

While going to places, finding a parking space is very much time consuming and frustrating. An app that lets the user get notified about where the parking space is available. This kind of app is going to grow fastly once launched.

Loaned money tracking app

Everyday thousands of people apply for loans and thousands of people are already paying the EMI’s of taken loans. An app which allows the user to keep a track on their loan money where they get notified about how much of the loan amount is pending to pay how much is paid. 

Business tips app

An app that helps young entrepreneurs. App that gives them detailed info about what pre and post preparation needs to be done before any startup and gives them tips and tricks on how to grow their business fast.

On-demand fuel-delivery app

It happens a lot of times when we forget to check that we are running out of fuel and then we get stuck somewhere in between. Building an app that allows the user to order fuel online without going to the gas station. A traveler or driver when travelling to some unknown place and if gets stuck in middle of somewhere then he can use this app to get location of fuel tank owner or can request for delivery of fuel at his place.

Groceries cost compare

An app that compares the pricing of the groceries from different online ordering platforms and gives you a list of the different pricing from different platforms.

Food recommendation app

Building a food recommendation app for the foodie gang which allows the user to get notified about new restaurants and new unique cuisines a particular restaurant offers.

Karaoke app

Almost everyone has this dream of being a pop-star even if they don’t have that much of a singer’s voice. An app that allows the user to filter the sound and sing beautifully is going to create a hype around people once the app is launched.

Study group app

This app will allow students to meet up on a common forum and prepare for their exams along with other students that are revising for the same subject. The app that can also provide them study material, tools, discussion helps, guides etc.

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