OST File Error 0X80004005: Resolve it with OST to PST Converter Tool

We all know that Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email client software across industries. It is especially popular among small and medium businesses as they depend on it for all their communications. But it does not function as intended always and encounter a few errors. 

Today, we are going to discuss the errors that occurred in the Outlook OST file that causes you to stop working on it. OST file Error 0X80004005 is one of the most common and frustrating ones. We will discuss the causes and potential solutions to this kind of error on your computer. 

Let’s get started.

The Error code 0X80004005 shows that sending and receiving the data is blocked and here are the potential reasons for it. 

Reasons for OST File Error 0X80004005

Corruption in Registry – Often corruption in registry entries leads to error in various parts of your computer. Corruption can happen for different reasons and you have to resolve it remove the errors from the system. 

Antivirus – Antivirus in the system protect sensitive information and sometimes they can block a trusted program leaving it useless. If an antivirus system is blocking a script for the Outlook, you must go on and allow it in the antivirus settings. 

Sometimes antivirus can detect false positives and report that your system is being threatened. In that case, you have to manually restrict the access of antivirus to a certain program and the error will be gone. 

Virus and Corruption – Sometimes, viruses can lead to corruption in the Windows environment which can lead to corruption of the OST file. This type of problem may throw Error code 0X80004005 in the OST file. 

So, you have to keep all these things in mind while resolving this error. We are going to list all the solutions you would need to completely resolve this error.


There are various solutions to this kind of problem because the problem can originate from different things.

Disable script blocking in Antivirus – You may have to disable the script blocking in the default antivirus running on your system. It will make sure that important scripts for the Outlook are allowed at all times. This means you will be able to work smoothly without any issue if the problem is caused by the script blocking. 

Disable New Mail Notification in Outlook – If the new mail notification is disabled, it will help in resolving the error while receiving new emails. But you must know that it will not resolve the error messages which occur at the time of sending the email. Here is how you can disable the new mail notification in the Outlook 2016 or newer versions.

•    Open Outlook and click on the File option from the up ribbon and then choose Options from the list.
•    It will open the Options dialog box, click on the Mail tab from the left panel and look for the Message Arrival section.
•    In the Message Arrival Section deselect ‘Display a Desktop Alert’ and you are good to go.
This will make sure that you won’t face any problems while receiving new emails using the Outlook. 

Shoviv OST to PST Converter Tool

However, these methods may not work as intended because they have a limit attached to it. So, the best way to resolve the OST file Error 0X80004005 is by converting it to a brand-new PST file. Once the file is converted, you’ll be able to view it in your Outlook under the same username password. 

The best way to convert OST to PST is by using Shoviv OST to PST converter tool. It is a third-party tool that provides a lot of features for converting the files. It open and convert damaged or corrupted files and even password protected files. So, Shoviv OST to PST converter is an all-round tool that allows the users to do what they want. 

If you decide to buy the license of Shoviv OST to PST Converter tool, you’ll have unrestricted access to the program and its awesome features. Go on and have a look at the tool on their website and then decide if it's worth it. 

Shoviv OST to PST Converter tool comes with a simple user interface similar to Outlook and you can easily adapt to it without any hassle. 

So, these are the solutions to the Outlook OST file Error 0X80004005 on your computer. You can decide to use any one of these that suits your requirements. But converting OST to PST is the best solution for this kind of error as you’d have instant access to all your content. The best part of OST to PST converter software is its free trial version that allows converting the first 50 items per folder, using it you can check the working of the software.