Crazy Hacks About Snapchat You Would like To Try

Thrive of capturing attention span of the younger generation is the current talk of the market,

An app has to constantly strive towards being installed on mobiles through bringing changes in filters, updates, and whatnot.

"Snapchat" has a bigger hand when being compared to Instagram and Facebook for filters, and a more aesthetic approach and this is the reason why major stake (162 million active daily users and more) are still in awe of this app,

Apart from aesthetic appeal and creative filters, Snapchat tends to function more like its name "Snap-chat" aka chat in a snap or easier and quick communication without any difficulties and not to miss on its new contact acquisition method through virtual QR codes linked to every individual user account is a new step to add on to privacy part of an application.

Though we have to acknowledge the fact of how backbreaking it is to stay in the news these days when the competition is at its pinnacle, this is when marketers and app developers slide to flaunt their experiences.

The add ons play a very crucial role in the market, and Snapchat proved this while resizing its "Potential target market" and growing popular amongst teenagers to the older generation, especially Millennials, it is expected that this will help to double in size of the active users.

While rolling out new features seemingly for every update, it's hard for users to know-it-all at once while still recovering from amusement from a past update, 

There are some important crazy hacks we have curated for you to use the app in a more effective way and keep yourself entertained.

#Lesser known Trick No.1- 

Shazam can help you jam

Did you know you don't have to ponder much on the song you heard from a friend's story?
Well thanks to Snapchat's Shazam unification, we can recall that forgotten song playing in the background of a friend's snap story,
This integration was purely intended towards escalation and to intensify the user experience of Snapchat. 

Follow these steps to enable shazam in your Snapchat:

1)- Open Snapchat and log in to your account
2)- Choose the song you want to know about, drag that song when it's clearly audible
3)- Press and hold the screen of the camera, do this before taking a snap
4)- do not move your finger from the screen until it vibrates, this step may take some time to identify the song
5)-Now choose from the pop up from the screen and tap on Song info
6)-Press and hold the screen to create a story/snap and tap on More information if necessary.

#Lesser known added feature No.2-


Well, of course, we here at crunchy tricks have pledged to be with you, but this is an add on feature announced by Snapchat to soothe and encourage people to maintain a healthy social distancing that will be beneficial both physically and mentally.
It was rolled out in response to the fight towards the novel coronavirus or Covid-19 with the help of (WHO) World Health Organisation.

The company announced "Here For You" feature in February and this step was praised by critics and people,

Where can we find this tool rings the bell in our minds, 

Well, if any user who wants to seek mental relaxation, searches for terms like "anxiety, depression, stress, grief, suicidal thoughts and bullying" as stated in official word from Snapchat

The tool will be visible and on clicking, many links that will redirect users to mental health experts, or articles or certain self-help exercises or anything on the web that might help them to cope with mental health issues.

#Must try feature No.3-

Change your bitmoji's wardrobe in a snap

We Know how boring and monotonous it gets to see ourselves in the same clothes, worry not, Snapchat has introduced "Mix and Match" option, that will enable users of both Android and ios to customize one's virtual persona's clothing and that too on a piece-by-piece basis,
 No, we aren't kidding, all you need to do is to follow certain steps to help your virtual avatar step out from those monotonous clothes,

** Open your Bitmoji app and click on the fashion icon to open the "Avatar Design," at the bottom of the screen you may notice some options where you can see options to choose from tops, bottoms, outerwear, and even footwear, click on one to choose and try on your avatar


** Open and log in to your Snapchat premium account, from there tap on your profile in the top left corner on your screen, 

Tap on the "Change outfit" option from below "Bitmoji," At the bottom of the screen, you will see icons for each piece that you can separately select and choose from tops, bottoms, outerwear, and even footwear.

#Crucial yet informative feature No.4-

Snapchat rolls out AR donation lenses with support of WHO

In an official statement made by the company they quoted:

"Through the Snapchat camera, Snapchatters can scan 23 international currency notes across 33 countries. Bringing up an AR visualization of how donations support the World Health Organization's immediate response efforts to track the spread of COVID-19, ensure patients get the care they need, and provide frontline workers with critical supplies.

Snapchatters can then easily donate, and encourage friends to do the same by sending Snaps of the experience."

All one needs to do is scan a note though the Snap camera, which will focus on the note, and then a 3D animation will be visible on top of the note you have placed. 

Once this 3D animation pops up, there comes an option of "more" at the bottom to encourage people to know about the cause and donate for it

#You should know and not know at the same time hack No.5-

Snapchat becomes "more" user friendly by helping users solve their quantitative problems
Snapchat can help you solve major problems in your life (for now, this feature is only confined to "Maths"), isn't it amazing? 

The Snapchat trick is here to help you save some time for yourself rather than wasting time over that one question. All you need to do is find "Snapchat's Math Solver" just side to the Product Finder, hold and press the screen to scan your math problem, and it will show you the result via Photomath.

But hey snapchat or other apps like it isn't going to accompany you in an exam, so use this feature accordingly. 

Don't tell your guardians we told you about this!