4 Steps to Build a Strong eCommerce Strategy [Infographic]


The COVID-19 lockdowns have forced more businesses to consider their e-commerce options as an alternative to supplement their income and to meet consumers where they’re active.
The e-commerce shift has been in effect due to Lockdown, with increasingly more shoppers looking to buy online. Indeed, according to data from e-Marketer, e-commerce sales are expected to account for some 22% of total global retail sales by 2023, up from 14% in 2019. And while that’s far from a dominant share, it underlines the progression- and with people now unable to visit physical stores, that shift has likely been exacerbated, with more consumers becoming aware of the ease and convenience of their various online options. E-Commerce has become an essential part of a business and to Meet Customer’s needs and to fulfill customer’s wants.
Due to COVID-19 lockdowns people are not able to go to market or they are not able to get daily needs. E-Commerce plays an important role in the part of the business. Nowadays People prefer to buy things online according to their need, taste, desire and wants.
People are now plunge into Digital world. E-Commerce is 100% accurate. Even if shops are slowly opening up again and a sort of everyday life is slowly returning, the shopping experience for customers is far from as easy going as it was before COVID-19. That is why companies and retailers need to focus more on personal and genuine e-commerce solutions.
However, every business or company’s target to increase their Sales whether it is Digital or Retailer, Manufacturer or Wholesaler. Nowadays every business is participating in E-Commerce Activity. They also want ease and convenient option to buy goods. If your business hasn’t taken e-commerce actively in the past, now it is the time. The majority of online retailers agree that e-commerce and online marketing offer the customers more flexible shopping options. However, 86% retailers decided to open one, say that the biggest advantage is being able to reach customers outside of traditional shop opening hours.
E-Commerce is much more than just another sales channels.