How to Grab Attention with your Homepage

If there is one thing that marketing managers and web designers know it's that you need to have an awesome homepage. After all, it is going to be the most important and the most visited page on your website. So, the better it is, the better the odds are that the person visiting your website will be interested in it. Unfortunately, having a captivating homepage is easier said than done. This is why we are going to go over the basics of how to grab attention with your homepage.

Why it is important to grab attention with your homepage

To further cement the idea that you need to have a top-notch homepage, we are going to outline all the benefits that it brings. Once you understand them, you will know the reason why people sometimes spend weeks if not months figuring out how to design their homepage and optimize it. So, if you have a well-crafted, attention-grabbing homepage, you will:

●    Make SEO management much easier.
●    Have a natural way to increase quality traffic to your website.
●    Motivate your customers to revisit your website.
●    Lead your customers to other webpages on your website.
●    Nudge them towards getting your services and/or products.
Overall, having a top-notch homepage is a must. So, to design one with relative ease, here is what you'll need to do.

Homepage design guidelines

The important thing to note is that there is no "best" design when it comes to homepages. A homepage for an art-oriented website will be much different from one dedicated to a moving company, and with good reason. After all, the people who visit art websites do so for completely different reasons than the people looking for help with relocation. But there are certain universal guidelines to follow and mistakes to avoid if you wish to grab attention with your homepage. Keep them in mind, and you'll have a good chance of creating a decent homepage.

Working with a professional

As you are dealing with the most important page of your website, you really should think twice before you go at it alone. There is hardly an aspect of website design where you couldn't use the help of a professional. However, keep in mind that when it comes to homepage design, there are always new trends and tools. So, if you want to have a website design that will get you noticed, you need to work with a professional.

Preferably, you want to find someone that has experience with the type of website you plan on running. Such professionals already know a thing or two about your future audience. This will make it easy for them to create an attention-grabbing homepage. Plus, if you have any creative ideas about your website, you can check them with the professional and see if they stick. All in all, hiring a professional will save you a ton of time and energy.

Intuitive design

The biggest help that will come from working with a professional is that they will help your homepage be more intuitive. While it may seem that it is fairly easy to make an intuitive website, the reality is far from it. Namely, in order to create such a website, you need to test it by behaving like an average visitor, which takes a lot of experience and talent to achieve.
If your homepage is intuitive, your visitor will feel comfortable reading it and continuing to do so on the other pages. But if it's not, you will easily frustrate your customers. This can even cause them to leave, even though they wanted to see what your website has to offer.

Homepage content

One thing you should consider before you hire a professional is what content you are going to put on your website. After all, you cannot put all the information you deem necessary, as no customer is going to bother to read it all. Plus, if you plan on adding videos or photos, you might experience performance issues. So, what we advise you to do is to keep the "short and sweet" principle in mind. The content you put on your homepage should be informative, well-written and concise. Here you have no room for long paragraphs and needless explanations. Remember that you need to grab attention with your homepage, and then direct that attention to the other pages on your website.


Once you finish creating your homepage, you need to test it. This means having people who had nothing to do with its design go through it and give you feedback. So, your friends, family and anyone else you can find should at least check it out. The more you can learn from their experience, the better the odds are that you'll figure out how to grab attention with your homepage. And, if your website has any performance issues, they will help you notice them.

Mistakes to avoid

Apart from following the guidelines, there are a couple of homepage design mistakes that you definitely need to avoid. The web designer you hire should know enough to warn you about them. But, just to be safe, we are going to go over the more important ones.

Pop-up windows

Do not put pop-up windows on your homepage. If you have to, put them on your blog posts or your service pages. But, whatever you do, do not put them on your homepage. That is the surest way to make a person leave it, even if they were interested.


We like to think that having music on your website is something that we, as a society, have outgrown. But, time and time again we stumble onto a website that proves us wrong. So, once and for all, avoid putting music on your homepage or website.