7 Secrets About Facebook Only A Handful Of People Know

Facebook has been a popular platform for social interaction over the years. Since it was the first-ever Mass Social Media Platform, it played a significant role in keeping us connected with our friends and relatives. Over a decade, Facebook is providing a single platform for everyone where they can share thoughts and experiences with others.

Facebook provides us with a social profile that can be used by everyone from a regular user, developers to hackers, marketers, and many more. Facebook has become a flexible platform developed in open source PHP language, which makes it prone to several bugs and techniques to access and enhance Facebook features.

To use Facebook like a pro takes a decent amount of investment in time and willingness, of course. Perhaps we have done this for you already.

So here we are disclosing big secrets that only a handful of people know about!

Need not require a Facebook account

Yeah! You heard it right. Having a Facebook account isn't necessary for you to access Facebook. Open the app and tap "Not on Facebook?" to get started. All you need is to enter a mobile number.

And do you get irritated by Facebook notification while chatting on messenger? No worries as there is a way to access your Facebook Messenger account on the desktop without logging in to Facebook. You need to open Messenger.com for a hassle-free conversation experience.

Manage your Post Visibility

If you do not want a specific post to be seen by everyone, you can make your posts open only to friends or friends of friends, when you do not want people to snoop into your private posts. 

You can go to the page of the friend you want to restrict. Tap on the Friendsdrop-down menu and select "Add" to Another List. Scroll down to the menu and you'll find Restricted. Afterward, you'll receive a warning that says that the 'friend will no longer see what you post unless it's Public.'

Download your Copy of All Facebooking Tasks

Do you want your copy of everything you've ever shared on Facebook so far? So, Yes! EVERYTHING: Every post, every image, every video, every chat, and message conversation. It is possible! Go on Settings > Tap on "Your Facebook Information," then click "Download Your Information." Follow the steps from there. Also, If you are looking to keep Facebook videos in your gallery, have a look at this article.

This feature will get you to a trip down memory lane, or you can save your information whenever you decide to delete your Facebook account. It also shows precisely what Facebook has collected about you. There might be surprises for you.

Canning the Apps in Bulk

You can bulk delete all the apps and websites that are using your Facebook account for log-ins. First, Go to Settings > Open, Apps & Websites, then you'll see tabs for "Active, Expired, and Removed apps/sites." Select a bunch and logouts at once. Wherever you go back to that site/service in the future, it will be better to log in with an email id and password, else use a password manager.

Somebody snooped into your Account

Are you worried about your Account logged into other devices without your permission? You can log it out from your device. First, go to your Settings. Under the Security Section and log in, you'll get a list of all the accessories "Where You're Logged In." It provides data on the location, browser, and device. If you find something fishy, you can log out from individual devices (click the menu > Tap on Log Out) This usually happens if you log in to a friend's laptop/public computer and forget to log out.

Choose your Ad Preferences

Did you know that Facebook keeps data on people's interests? They usually receive the ads from the pages they had liked earlier. Facebook makes money by providing marketers with detailed information about its users' interests based on celebrities and personalities they are actively following or have previously observed.

To curate the ads, go to Settings > Ads > Your Interests. You can now remove an interest hitting the X () on the upper right of each interest mentioned there. In the "Advertisers and Businesses" tab, you'll find all the advertisers whose ads you've clicked on so far, and you can remove anyone you don't like. Under the "whose website or app you've used" and "whom you've visited" sub-tabs, you can decide to stop seeing ads from a specific advertiser.

Curate Your News Feed

News Feed is the home page on Facebook, to keep it clean, orderly, and free of distractions, the most direct ways to curate your news feed is by giving more voice to the things you want to see and removing the rest. The quickest way for doing this is by clicking the "ellipsis menu ()" next to "News Feed" at the top left side of the rail and selecting "Edit Preferences" from the drop-down menu

 A pop-up screen will appear, now click "Prioritize who to see first," and choose the people, Pages, and brands you want to see more often. Prioritized limit of friends s 30.

You also have an option to "Unfollow people to hide their posts" to annoying mute posters by going to their profile (they won't know they've been muted). Surprisingly, you'll still be "friends" with them, but you won't be annoyed with their posts anymore. However, you can go to their profile if you want to see their jobs.