Anthony Constantinou Views - Any bets where SEO is going

The future of SEO looks bright with thousands of new businesses venturing into online marketing periodically and vying to be ranked in the first five pages of Google’s search engine index. The need for specialized services from professional SEO companies has never been greater. Of course it is those companies which are reputed and have the experience in this industry which can make a difference to a website’s rankings. Trying to accomplish SEO objectives on one’s own can be a challenge for most website owners as it is tedious and requires a thorough understanding of the industry. That is why it is imperative to select a company that has a proven track record in this area. 

The future of SEO is of course consumer driven with even major search engines making the necessary modifications to meet their expectations. Anthony Constantinou says, "That is why the demand for top quality content has grown with online consumers wanting and expecting, interesting and relevant content." They want fast and easy access to information so the websites’ content needs to be comprehensive and accurate which suits their requirements. 

Blogging is an effective technique especially as a guest blogger or creating a one-off blog post which will help you establish a firm anchor-link to your website. If visitors find your post to be to their liking they will follow your work and also recommend other likeminded individuals. Building links is of course very useful but do not subscribe to links that come from unethical link farms which are considered to be spam by all the major search engines. Having thousands of links which are not from credible sources will be counter-productive to your efforts and will negatively impact your site’s standing with Google. Using spam links will result in having your site severely penalized by Google or even de-listed from the rankings. 

In a survey conducted by a leading SEO company it was seen that the primary factors for gaining a higher position in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are the quantity and quality of links. There is emphasis placed on quality of links to any domain along with moderate use of key words in the main body of the text, title tags etc. With the latest updates excessive use of keywords will negatively impact the page's rankings and 2 % of a keyword or phrase is considered to be the ideal limit. After all, no reader would like to read repetitious content. 

Most experts agree that they are not really sure as to the direction that SEO will move in the future but agree that it is all the more vital for the industry to keep re-inventing itself as per the market factors. With the phenomenal rise in social media platforms those sites which offer social bookmarking are valuable tools for online marketing. A professional SEO company will be able to navigate you in the right direction using the latest methods available including social networking so as to successfully promote your site.