5 mistakes to avoid whilst optimizing for SEO

As far as development of new sites is concerned, the key is to focus on features that can deliver exceptional user experiences. There have been instances where animations caused back lashes instead of benefiting the company and that is due to being unable to understand the importance of animations and their impacts. In order to succeed, brands are required to understand the fundamentals of search engines, as to how they word and what drive them. 

As an animated video maker I have noticed that designers often forget to pay attention to search engine optimization and that hinders their creativity. However, cutting down designs is not a requirement for optimization. But instead, visuals can be tuned to work along with search engine optimization. Not only will this help the viewers but designers and brands as well. To help you understand better here are 5 mistakes that should be avoided at all cost whilst optimizing content for search engines?

Mistake number one: focusing on images instead of important features 

Implementing images within content for sites can cause search engines to decrease the significance of content, no matter how well it has been written or how significant the platform is. Similarly, depending on texts entirely is not the best option either. What’s ideal is to comprise both these elements together and use them to balance the content and sites vitality. 

Another factor to keep in mind is to not stray away from the basics, that is to make use of clean imagery rather than adding texts within visuals and lowering their aesthetics. To avoid that, you can opt to use keywords within headers instead and keep yourself from devaluating the content and the site. 

Mistake number two: vague hints 

It is evident on how ambiguous breadcrumbs can play the role of increasing viewer’s interests. However, if not done correctly the same element can lower down SEO performance. The algorithms that are used on online platforms, find it easier to utilize textual links for navigational purposes, enabling viewers to land on sites directly. Without adding vague hints within the content, user friendliness decreases and causes repulsion. And that later on affects the connection between the content and the viewer. 

Mistake number three: sites smartphone version 

We all know how important mobile devices have become. Not only have they become an influential part of our lives but a lot of functions depend on these devices. Which is exactly why it is crucial to craft a mobile version of the site, one that can allow audience to connect with content through their mobile phones. That is going to enhance brands visibility along with making services and products accessible to the masses. Moreover, it is important to use responsive designs that do no cause delays within functionalities of the site. A smarter option would be to tailor a mobile version of the site that offers similar solutions to that of the actual site.

Mistake number four: framing

Sites are still being created by the help of frames, even in this current time of technological advancements. However, frames have become obsolete and are not working in favor of the content or the brands behind them. Not only do they make it harder for search engines to highlight content, bringing forth significant pieces of content at a higher ranking but cause issues with indexation. Which gives you enough reasons to not implement frames within your site or content and play safe by implementing applicable and substantial features. 

Mistake number five: popup ads

Popups can be highly repulsive especially when the viewer is trying their best to pay attention to a content. They tend to reduce the effectiveness of features that are supposed to be user friendly and that causes biasness and influences viewers to form negative impressions. And no business would want that. It is best to let go of the idea of popups to keep yourself from falling into a decline, especially given the fact that audience have shorter attention spans and popups are a potential threat to their interests. Not only will they cause distractions but divert them from achieving solutions which they came for in the first place.
These 5 factors that have been mentioned above should be avoided at all cost in order to assist yourself to stand out from the competition present on search engine rankings. Once you know your way around them you will be able to gain the best outcomes possible for your content and site.