15 Lead Generation Tools that help you Generate Target Leads

Lead generation is the process of discovering and nurturing potential customers for your business’s service or product. You can discover them through a lot of methods. However, you can discover the potential customers by getting and collecting the information of your website’s visitors. This way of generating leads should be converted into target leads. It can be done through some specific lead generation tools. The right lead generation tools will help you in a way that will convert your audience into customers in a huge manner.
In this discussion let us move on with the web-based lead generation tools which will help you to generate target leads.

1.  AWeber:

When you are going to move your product or brand into online then Email marketing is the first and best choice to reach your goal. Commonly, professional or working people start their work after checking their email list. Email is the perfect choice to keep your brand at the top of the audience's mind. Also, you can connect yourself directly with the audience as well as with the consumers. So your brand will reach the targeted people through proper channel. To do this Email marketing successfully, the tool AWeber will be used.
AWeber is a powerful email marketing tool for generating target leads. It will be used to create emails, send emails. If you are having your blog and you want to share that content with your subscribers then it will be possible through AWeber tool.
It will create the reliability of your product/service among the audience. You can have 30 days free trial in AWeber. If your brand/product reaches the expected level of audience then you can move with the package which will suit your services.

If you are having a set of email list then you can follow the above-mentioned details. And if you are not having an email list then you can use the following tool to find the email of any person from any company. 

The tools are
●    Anymail finder
●    Hunter
●    Clearbit
●    Voila Norbert

●    than this more number of tools is available for these services.
Pricing: $19, $29, $49, $69, $149 per month based on your requirements.

2. Boomerang

You can send an email and you can develop a custom email list from the above-mentioned details. If you are sending email to the particular list and if you are not getting any updates from them, then, in this case, one remainder for getting remind about these pending options is important to you. In this scenario, the Boomerang tool will be helpful to you for reminding the pending actions. This tool will be good fuel for your email marketing machine. Following up is one of the important criteria in marketing. This tool will satisfy that and used to stay organized with the following.

Also, you can schedule your email. Scheduling will be helpful to you in the way that it will reduce your confusion and you can move on to the next target level easily through this. Lead targeting can reach better height through this tool. 

Pricing: Free, $4.99, $14.99, $49.99 per month based on the requirement

3. Drift:

Now come on with your landing website. Consider your website contains more number of visitors per day. If you are not discussing anything with them then it will be a great loss to you. Also, it will create the static appearance and feel about your landing website as well as your product/service. It is very much important to have a conversation with the audience of your website. It will lead to convert your audience into potential customers. Also, it creates target leads to your services. 

Drift will be helpful to establish the personal engagement with your audience. Drift is the first conversational marketing tool. Drift focusing the audience as the center focus and creates the target leads in a great way.

Pricing: $400, $1500 per month based on the requirements

4. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn the great professional network creates leads in the best way. To find the prospects among the target leads LinkedIn Sales Navigator will be useful. It is the LinkedIn’s tool. This tool includes a more advanced searching filter to get the proper list of prospects. It displays detailed data for prospects such as contact number and designation and so on.
LinkedIn sales navigator is used to target the right audience, better performance of key insights, and generate engagement with the audience. 
Here you can request for free demo and you can visualize what kind of benefits you are going to get through this tool. Start your trial with your professional group.
Pricing: $79.99 per month

5. Quora:
Use this best online website tool to generate a new level of audience to your business. Quora is a huge forum open for all to create or ask questions. It has a higher quality of responses from the audience itself. In Quora, list out the questions of the audience which is relevant to your business or product. Then frame the better options for the questions and reply to that post. Automatically it will develop the awareness of your product among the audience. Also, you are targeting the needed people as well as you are branding your product to them. 
Despite your niche, if you can find a few questions related to your product/services, and if you can high qualified answer with proven merit then you will be able to attract more leads through Quora. 
This framing answer is visible to all the audience. It will not only visible for the question riser also visible for all future visitors. With a single reply, you can get more number of responses.
Pricing: Free

6. Doodle

Another important lead generation tool is one of the best calendar scheduling tools, Doodle. It will be useful to schedule meetings without any struggle or confusion. To meet and find the potential prospects Doodle schedule a time on your calendar. Then you can make it possible through this schedule list. 
Pricing: $49 per month

7. Lead Forensics:

In case your business will be expecting another business services to develop and target your leads, then B2B lead generation tool will be helpful for that. Lead Forensics is that such B2B lead generation tool. It will show you the companies who are all visit your website and allowing you to follow them.
Through this, you can get the list of companies that are all already shown interest in your company or business. From this database, you can target the leads easily.
Pricing: 14 days of free trial, $39, $69, $149 per month based on the requirements.

8. HelloBar

Lead capturing space can be created by using HelloBar. It will allow you to funnel traffic to the particular web page of your landing websites. It will be useful to talk with the visitors, make announcements and also promote your social channels.
Through this, you can get more number of targeted leads.   

Pricing: Different planner such as free, $99 per month, $29 per month.

9. Qualaroo
One of the best online polling tools which will be used to generate target leads is Qualaroo. It is the user research and user feedback collector tool. You can include this tool in your digital product, web applications, mobile applications, and website and your SaaS product.
Pricing: $199 per month

10. Sumo:
Sumo is a well-framed tool to convert your visitors into email subscribers. It has been used by brands like Airbnb. It can integrate with major email services. Sumo can help you to get more customers and convert visitors as lifetime buyers automatically. At present Sumo tools are used by more than 8 lakhs users.
Pricing: It is free for up to 200 subscribers.

11. Discover.ly

As part of the lead generation, social lead generation plays an important role. To generation social leads Discover.ly tool is used. It can generate leads by using social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail, Twitter, etc. It is the best choice to reach out the right targeted leads. 

 Pricing: Free

12. Growbots:

Growbots uses AI technology to get your target list. It is also used to find the target leads and to manage your messaging.
It can help you to offer analytics and automatic campaigns. Based on the decent ideas Growbots works like a lead generation system.

Pricing: Pricing not mentioned on the website and it contains the demo version.

13. Dux-Soup:

It is an affordable lead generation tool. It helps you to find leads automatically. This is the easiest and smarter way to generate leads through LinkedIn. It automatically views your LinkedIn prospect profiles. Based on their skills and their activity it sends a personalized message on your behalf. 

Pricing: paid packages are $11.25 and $41.25 per user per month.

14. IFTTT:

Through one connection you can get several possibilities by using IFTTT. It is the best platform that integrates with any services. IFTTT is used to develop the meaningful engagement with your audience. One important point of insights of your customers can be projected by IFTTT. IFTTT informs you about your customers how they use your services and how they connect with you and what they connect to. This info will be helpful for you to shape your business based on your customer’s actions. 

Pricing: Free
15. Hubspot
We are dealing with Email marketing tool, conversational marketing tool, landing page builder tool, etc by separately. Instead of there is a better option for you to do all these together. That is complete marketing automation tools. It will reduce the disturbances of integrating different multiple platforms.Hubspot is one of the best tools to include lead management and scoring features. It will be useful to manage your leads easier. Hubspot offers a complete platform of targeting leads, customer services, and CRM services. Through this, it can help your business to grow successfully. Before selecting the tools never forget to consider your budget.
Pricing: Free

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