10 Facts Everyone Should Know About WordPress Development

WordPress is a very popular content management system. It can do a lot of things. It is an efficient tool that is very easy to learn. But it takes ages to master the skill of using WordPress aptly. Millions of websites and blogs are running because of WordPress. WordPress can meet lots of requirements. Hence, users tend to choose WordPress over other alternatives.

Advantages of Using WordPress

There are many benefits to using WordPress. Following are the major benefits of using


WordPress is customizable because of the available themes and plugins
For all those who do not have many ideas about website development, WordPress is the perfect option. There are plenty of free website templates or themes that one can choose from. It is very easy to customize the themes according to one's needs and tastes.
Also, there are a plethora of free as well as premium plugins available for use. 

WordPress is free of cost

Yes, it is absolutely free. One can download the software, install, use, and customize it according to one's requirement and choice, all for free.

It is absolutely SEO friendly

Google and lots of other search engines are just in love with WordPress. Hence, WordPress sites often acquire a higher position than other sites in search results.
The design of WordPress is extremely SEO friendly. WordPress SEO plugins are also available to optimize a website.

WordPress is Safe to Use

The virtual world is quite uncertain. There are lots of intruders waiting to invade one’s personal space. The developers of WordPress have developed this software, keeping in mind all sorts of safety issues. It is a very secure and safe platform to run a website.
It is easily manageable

The greatest benefit of using WordPress is that it has built-in updates management system. This feature enables the user to update the themes and plugins from within the WordPress admin dashboard. 

WordPress can handle different types of media

It has a built-in media uploader that can take care of the video, audio, and images files. Writing is not the limit. One can upload audio, video, images, etc. 

Top 10 Facts About WordPress Development

Obviously, WordPress is an amazing tool to work with. It is presently in trend, and users are falling in love with its features and facilities. Following is the list of top ten facts about WordPress development. Let’s have a look:

Some of the high profile brands are using WordPress

Reputed brands like CNN Reuters and so on utilize WordPress. CNN, as well as Reuters, use WordPress to build their blogs. Forbes, Mashable, The Next Web, The New Yorker, all use WordPress to build their blogs.

Brands like People Magazine, Vogue, Facebook, MTV News, NASA, and Harvard Business Review also use WordPress.

It is one of the most popular content management systems

Maximum websites prefer WordPress over any other content management system. A content management system is a software that lets the user edit, write, and publish engaging content online. According to a recent study, WordPress accounts for about 4.5 % of the entire internet websites. Each second, WordPress publishes about 17 blogs every day.

Plugins enable users to add lots of functions without coding

WordPress provides a lot of plugins. It enables the user to expand its utility by using plugins. The user gets the option of using free as well paid plugins. These plugins can do virtually anything. One need not write codes from scratch.

About 45,000 free plugins are available in WordPress. Premium plugins are available too. Knowing PHP also lets the user customize any plugin to suit his or her requirements. One can also build one's own plugin from scratch.

WordPress is not just about blogging

Although it started as a platform for bloggers, now its utility has expanded a lot. Users can do much more with it. From e-commerce to communities to online courses, WordPress can provide support to everything. It helps the user to create a basic website for a local business. It enables the user to advertise thousands of products and services.

WordPress skills are beneficial for everyone

Other than website developers, entrepreneurs, too, can reap the benefit of WordPress software. The knowledge of setting up WordPress, customizing a theme, and installation of Plugins can be very cost-effective.

Even marketers can take advantage of WordPress skills. The knowledge about the ins and outs of how WordPress' code works, make a user-independent. The user need not depend on a website developer for making minor changes on the website.
It is useful for intranet sites also

A plethora of plugins increases the functionality of WordPress. WordPress makes it possible to do activities like issue tracking, relationship management software, and a lot of other intranet activities. WordPress plugins are perfect for the back end functionalities of companies.

Users can utilize WordPress for membership sites

WordPress plugins make it easy and convenient to set up a member-only site. Some of these plugins are available for free. Some are chargeable. Users can utilize these plugins to create a website having premium and engaging content, gated online communities, and much more. Users have the freedom to utilize these plugins for the creation of free or paid membership sites.

WordPress skills can provide users with amazing job opportunities

One can get many job opportunities through WordPress. One can bag the job of a website developer or as a marketer. Several agencies work with WordPress. Users can get a job in these agencies.

Freelancers can reap benefits by using WordPress

Freelancing is also possible using WordPress. One can freelance as a WordPress specialist. Users can offer services like theme customization and site setup. They can also offer services related to back end programming. Bloggers, SEO, and marketing consultants can especially reap benefits from WordPress skills.

Getting started with WordPress is very easy

It is quite easy and convenient to use WordPress. It is quite manageable software. There is extensive documentation available online regarding the usage and maintenance of WordPress. Developers of WordPress also provides free as well as premium support system for the users.

These are the top ten facts about WordPress development. So do not wait. Just grab the opportunity. Use this multipurpose software to reach the heights of success. 

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