Use of Instagram Live for Business | Comprehensive Guide

Instagram launched a brilliant feature in 2016 which named as Instagram Live where users can broadcast live videos to their feeds. Millions of users appreciate this feature and used it in different ways.

Most people still don’t know about its business potentials and they use it as a way of fun and share travel videos, vlogs, etc. However, there are some businesses and marketers who have some knowledge about how to get the advantage of it but many of its features for business are still limited.

This is the reason we create this guide to help you how to Instagram Live for your business. You will find more about how to use it and the best ways to utilize its features.

Table of Content:

•    The Basics about Instagram Live
•    Why you Should Use it
•    Ways to get Strength by Instagram Live for Business
•    Conclusion

The Basics about Instagram Live

Before we get into deep of how you can use Instagram Live for business we must know how it works.

Key Features:

Here are some features that makes Instagram Live very useful for Business:

  • It allows you stream videos in real-time.
  • Users can also interact with you by commenting on your Video.
  • You can also add others to your live videos as guests.
  • You can also save a reply of your live videos to your stories.
  • Another best feature is the ability to pin some comments to the top.

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How to Use:

There is no need of skills that how to go live on Instagram. There are some simple steps as like creating a story. You just need to go to the interface where you create your story and find option “Live”. When you will click on the round play button, you will go live on Instagram.

It looks too simple but yet it’s not done.

If you want to use this feature for your business then you need to follow some steps and these are not simple as going live on Instagram.

You must need to prepare for it first. You must have a clear idea that what you want to show and say. It is better that you must ready your content first and make some practice before going live.

Why You Should Use it

We already mentioned some features of Instagram Live above, if these features not convinced you to use it then we have some more reasons. Here are some key benefits and reasons why you should Instagram Live as your social media marketing strategy:

Great Visibility

You know, Instagram Live videos appear on top of the screen among stories and users feed. They have priorities over Instagram stories and shown first in the sequence. They have the thick pink round around ring that distinguish it from regular stories.

Followers get Immediate Notification of a Live Stream

Yes, you think right. Your live Instagram has immediate attention overall Instagram content and this is the best feature. Instagram send notifications to all your followers about your live steam. This can create a sense of urgency and encourage your followers to watch it immediately.

Interact with Followers in Real-Time

Another best feature of live videos is that you can interact with your followers in real-time. This makes them more engagement to your audience and provides you a chance to answer their queries and concerns better.

Ways to get Strength by Instagram Live for Business

We recommend six ways to use Instagram Live for your business. You can try these and find some more innovative ways to use this feature.

Use it for a Product Launch

One of the best ways to get the strength of Instagram Live is by using it for a product launch. When you talk about a product in real-time it generates interest in the product.

It will work best when you go live a little bit before when the actual product launch. Give people a little preview about your product so that they are ready to interest and find out more.

You must use this feature and use cases of the products that make it stand out. You can also reveal the price but it is better to direct users to your website and to wait for the product to go live and find the price. This will also bring traffic to your website.

Live Q&A Session

You can also host a live Q&A session with your followers which is the best feature of it. This provides you a chance to interact with your users directly and know their concerns.

You can encourage your followers to ask any question about your brand. The main benefit of Live is you have a direct conversation in real-time. This means that people don’t need to wait to get their problems resolved or get answers to their questions.

Don’t forget to turn ON the option that allows the viewers to comment otherwise all the practice will gone fail.

Post Live Videos from a Brand Event

If you want to generate online buzz around a brand event that is hosted by you then go with this live feature. This will give your followers a preview that what is happening in the event and online engagement will also generate.

You can also post a picture of the event in your feed but these have not so much effect as a live video. When you use Instagram Live, it gives your audience a feeling that they are an actual part of the experience.

This is not only limited to the brand event, but there may also be other events that you are attending that match your brand. All this is for only sharing experience with followers and get engage all of them with interesting live content.

Conduct an Interview

You can use Instagram Live to interview an influential person to get more people to follow you and watch your feeds.
Influencers have also their following. If an influencer promotes the upcoming interview then their followers will wait for that and they will follow you also and will bring a much audience.
Another best feature to do this is “Live Guest”. It will stream the live video on both you and guest person feeds. This means both of your followers will see the video. You don’t need to be the physical presence with your guest, you can do it remotely.

Post Product Tutorials

As like all other content types, live videos can also be used as tutorials. The best method to show a product in use is by making a video. It is much easier to explain to anyone than a lengthy how to use text guide.

Using a live video make authenticity also. It is real and it is happening in front of users and can be trusted.

It allows users to ask any questions and get their answers right then and there.
Overall, it is a good platform to showcase your products and educate your customers in the best way.

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Instagram Live can be very beneficial for your business and must be a part of your social media marketing strategy. You can use for different purposes like market your product, engage your audience, and improve your brand’s social media presence.