Need Solutions - How to Enhance Your Website Speed?

A website designer should know the basics of increasing website speed. Only designing is not enough, the optimization of a website plays a big role. In this article, you will learn how to enhance your website speed. 

Learn the Various Strategies to Speed up Your Website

●  Drop Unwanted Plug-ins and Add-Ons

If you are observing that your site is running slowly. First thing you do is check in all the unwanted Plug-ins you have. We often feel Plug-ins make our page faster and better but we forget that all plug-ins do affect our website.Remove the plug-ins and add-ons which are not appropriate or taking time to load the page. Try to use quality plug-ins over the website.  What matters is the quality of a plug-in. Sometimes, a large number of the plug-in can also load the page faster if you install good quality of plug-ins. 

●  Social Sharing buttons should lesser in number

A website designer should not use various social sharing buttons over the webpage. This will make your website slower and confusing for the reader as well. JavaScript used in social sharing buttons decreases the loading speed. Thus, there is one solution for faster loading. Try to configure the buttons in a serial manner so that it will not affect the loading of the webpage.

●  Resize and Optimize Images

Yes, optimizing and resizing images can do a miracle to your webpage. It helps you to load the page faster than before. Always save images in JPEG.format and size of the image should be as minimum as possible.The size of the file should not be large, else it will slow your website. Also specify image dimensions in HTML as browser renders the page before images are loaded. So it’s important to mention dimensions so that it doesn’t change anything on the page.

●  CSS and JS 

Keep your code neat and tidy, put CSS on the header of the page as it will prevent pages from dynamic rendering,so that browser obstructs rendering to avoid to modify elements of the page.

And add JS at the bottom of the page helps as it implies that the contents of other page will be loaded faster, the user does not have to wait for JS to load. It won’t affect anything on the pageThis will help and it won’t take forever to load a page and  it will make your page better and faster. The faster your site loads, the quicker you’ll achieve your goals. 

●  Remove the Irrelevant Header from Page Source

One should take time to examine the headers available on each page of the website. If the header is calculating some value like any order value or retrieving the order id of the cart. Then it should not place in the header or page source.

Because retrieving will hit the database for various queries. This will make your page slower. So, these kinds of headers should get removed from the website completely.

●   Reduce Https Requests.

When a user visits your website, every single element on the web page is downloaded for them to view it i.e. your images, vidoes, animations,styles and so on.

For each and every element in your page, a different https request is made. The more different elements are on your page, the more time it will take to load.

It will reduce the speed of your website. One easy solution is to minify your html, css and JS files by removing all the unnecessary coding that is in your website, or you can combine
CSS and JS files if you have more than one file. It will help your page to load better.

●  One of the Smart technique - "Cache"

If you have a product website or a page that contains similar information. Then, I would recommend using the caching technique. This technique is popular nowadays. Many of the companies like Amazon, Dominos India, Design hill using this technique.

The Lesser Time to Load - The More Traffic Observed Over Website

Yes, caching will help to load the page much faster. Because of caching, there is no need to retrieve the data from the database. This will help you to make more traffic as well.

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Summary: Many institutes are available for teaching web designing. But only a few are there to teach website optimization. Candidates should learn the importance of optimization to speed up websites.