7 Ecommerce Marketing Tips to Grow Your Online Store Sales

What is eCommerce Marketing?

E-commerce Marketing is a set of marketing ideas and strategies that, when aggregate executed, can attract more targeted traffic to your e-commerce store, increment conversion rate, and also boost repeat purchases. The successful execution of Ecommerce Marketing is vital to running a beneficial online store.

This guide will cover the core marketing ideas and techniques that every eCommerce website owner must execute to build traffic, improve conversion rate and repeat purchases, consequently making ready for maintaining a successful online business.

7 eCommerce Marketing Ideas to Increase Online Sales

1) Offer Free Shipping

If your business doesn't offer a free shipping option for your customers, it's an ideal opportunity to include one.

According to survey, 70 percent of respondents said that they have a higher opinion of brands offering free delivery, 84 percent are more likely to shop on sites with this services, and 75 percent of customers said they are more likely to shop if there's free transporting promotion, instead of different kinds of promotions or discounts.

2) Retargeting

98% of customers do not know covert over on their first visit to a website. If you want to catch those sales, you will need to have retargeting e-commerce marketing strategies in place.

There are a few different ways you can retarget customers so that they come back to your site to purchase your product. One of the most popular ways is to run retargeting advertisements on other websites. when a customer comes to your site and leaves without buying, you can utilize other locales that they are visiting to demonstrate your products. Entirely cool, right?

You can also retarget customers with email campaigns. Have you ever added items to your cart in an online store without purchasing and then received an email a few days after that looked something like this?

3) Optimize your eCommerce Website for Search Engines

Search Engine Optimization should be a crucial pillar of your eCommerce marketing plan. After all, organic search traffic coming in through search delivers the highest ROI as an e-commerce marketing channel.

E-commerce sites offer pretty much anything imaginable for sale. Choose a perfect ecommerce solution provider platform to drive your business to an extreme level. Magento development is excellent for an ecommerce solution. 

4) Start a Blog to Promote your Online Store

You would need to publish unique, engaging in substance on your blog routinely. In any case, only composition blog posts and relying on Google to list your blog might not be useful. The possibility that your blog post rank on the first page of Google as soon as you publish it is  deficient.

Tragically, it also means that you would get zero to negligible traffic on your store. Depending on this is not practical things to do. What you can do is promote your blog that sends direct traffic to your store.

5) Promote Customer Reviews & Build Trust

Social Media has added a new measurement to people's lives. Whether you're buying a new smartphone or trying to find a restaurant for dinner, the first place people go is online.

Customer feedback can make or break your sales. A positive review from happy customers helps you gain the trust of potential customers. Negative reviews help you gain experience, giving imperative information on issues to address within your business.

6) Launch a Facebook Store

Although Facebook has experienced various changes, it stays a platform stage for social media and e-commerce marketing.

It's genuinely direct to begin making deals through your Facebook store. Even better, your Facebook store can incorporate directly with your Shopify store, so you don't need to keep different inventory.

7) Paid Traffic

Paid traffic can be perhaps the ideal approaches to rapidly create deals for your e-commerce store. You may feel that paid traffic is costly, and you've presumably heard a few stories of people who have spent a great deal of money – and saw no return.

However, if done correctly, paid traffic can, in fact, be quite affordable, and once you have a winning battle on your hands, paid traffic can genuinely take your business to the next level.
More often than not, the people who fizzle with paid traffic tend to make some common probationer mistakes.


We have investigated several eCommerce strategies to make the online endeavors a triumph adventure. However, the choice of appropriate policy and usage depends on the nature and the targeted audience of an e-commerce business.

Running an ecommerce business is never going to be easy. Now that you have numerous thoughts on the best way to promote your online store set the above tips to work to drive success for your eCommerce store.

Author Bio:

Ami Kariya is a Content Marketing Manager at Arham Technosoft. She has excellent experience in content writing for a different niche.