15 Prime Apple Watch Apps You Must Download!

Wearables have gradually become a prominent part of our everyday lives as we cannot do without these gadgets. In the last few years we have seen that humans have become dependent on these devices so it is important that these gadgets are put to maximum use for personal benefit. 
iPhone App Developers also need to focus on the apps that are downloaded on the iWatch and for users to get the best possible apps to fulfil their needs. There are a wide range of apps according to the function it is required for, here is a list of some of these apps.

“In 2019, young consumers will be the largest group of wearable users, with users in the age group of 25-to-34 jumping to 38.0%.”

Tracking Fitness & Health
Wearables assist in keeping a close check on individuals’ health, well-being and daily exercise performed. There are different apps for these functions as well, so that one can know how many steps they have walked, what is their rate of daily exercise etc. In order to avail the benefits of the iWatch here are some prominent health apps you can download and use.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter
You can calculate the calorie intake of every meal of the day using this app. It lets you feed the details of the meal and will evaluate the calorie count for you to keep a tab on the amount of calories you can consume. This helps people who are on a strict diet and who always track their calorie intake so that they consume only within their daily limits to maintain their health.

This is another free of cost healthcare application that incorporates science-based exercises and games to release stress. If you wish to remain calm this application helps you achieve that within minutes by using the activities mentioned in it.

As the name proposes, this free application notifies you about the functioning of your heart. Other than observing your pulse in regular intervals, you can track your heartbeats as well.

Sleep Cycle: Smart Alarm Clock 
This free application is intended to show methods for sleeping better. It encourages you track your rest and investigate it to get better sleep around evening time, wake each morning with zero tiredness in body and in the long run improve your general wellbeing.

With regards to leading a solid dynamic life, Fitbit is a free application that you can thoroughly rely upon. It tracks your day to day diet, exercises and rest cycle, screens your pulse, checks the time you remain dynamic every day, defines objectives for you and motivates you to lead a healthy and sound life.

Smart Travelling & Managing Work
We travel from one place to another daily for work, study or to perform any day to day activities. This requires us to have a mode of transportation, navigation facilities to reach our destination. Alternatively, we also travel to new places during vacations or for work related purposes wherein we are required to keep a note of our transportation details and send or receive mails while on the go. A few handy applications on the iWatch that could assist in performing such tasks.

Uber is the best application that one can depend on when it comes to booking a ride to your destination. Also, when you get this application on your Apple watch, the entire procedure gets simpler. You can book a ride and get an indication when the driver arrives. The driver gets randomly selected according to the pick-up and drop off location mentioned by you on the app. The pickup area will be identified by means of GPS.

Apple Maps 
Apple Maps on your watch provides you the guidance of any area with a straightforward interface. Likewise, you get intelligent 3D sees, proactive direction, recommendations and that's just the beginning.

App in the Air – Best Flight Tracker 
"App in the Air" essentially functions as your flight associate. While flying, you are updated with the route guide of the air terminal from where your plane is going to take off and where you are going to land. It gives you frequent notifications on the status of your flight. This is the best app to have on your watch while travelling by air.

Sparkle – Mail App by Readdle
This application makes the way for easy messaging. You can read your mail without having to use your phone or PC. Additionally, you can read email secretly when required and plan messages according to the requirements. Furthermore, the best thing is this valuable mail application is free of cost.

Find Near Me 
Find out the closest Hotels, taxi stand and ATMs around you by using this helpful application. You don't have to add your area to look at places nearest to you. The application will find your current location and share a list of useful places nearby.

An extraordinary apparatus for taking significant personal and organizational notes and works better than Apple's Notes. You would love to have it in your Apple Watch so that you do not miss anything significant in your life. You can change to this application in a matter of moments. It allows you to use the recently made notes and even the new notes can be directed through Apple Watch.

“The wearable market is promising, as the number of connected wearable devices worldwide is expected to jump from 526 million in 2016 to over 1.1 billion in 2022.”

Social Media & Miscellaneous Needs
Social Media has changed how people communicate with one another these days and most of the people use one or the other social media platform to share updates, news and keep in touch with others. A few easy apps for such interactions as well as other needs like finding a song that you have been humming all day long or trying to translate a word in a language of your choice all this is now possible on your iWatch using the below mentioned apps.

Best interpreter for expressions, words, and sentences in 90 dialects. You can interpret anything including it physically or by talking it. It interprets your content in the blink of an eye. In the event that you need to get interpretation in Voice, its voice-to-voice highlight can be utilized, yet it is accessible in just genius adaptation of iTranslator.

Facebook needs no introduction since it has gotten fundamental for everyone. Along these lines, why not get this astounding application in your Apple Watch. Facebook application for iOS gadgets empowers you to react messages for you on Facebook and Friends demands by utilizing your Apple Watch. Offer your valuable minutes, recordings, pictures and cool updates from your wrist.

BBC News 
This news app is compatible with Apple Watch and you can read the news and stay updated to what is happening in the World. This application gives you the most recent news and features alongside top stories. You will get the highlights as notifications that you can quickly read on your iWatch itself saving you a lot of time.

Everyone loves to listen to music and stay updated with the latest releases by various artists. We often tend to listen to some wonderful song but fail to recognize who sung it or the name of the song, Shazam is an application that helps you recollect lyrics of songs and identify the singer as well. You have to simply open the app and shazam to find the details of any song.

“The Apple Watch forecast is that a total of 33 million devices will be sold in 2019. Apple holds more than a 50% share of the smart watch market.”

Apple watch has gained incredible consideration all through the world owing to these amazing apps that it has to offer. Everything about this wearable attracts a consumer, it looks classy, it functions very smoothly and it can be easily worn.

The iWatch is said to have increased the demand for wearable smart devices in the recent years. Various application designers are continually working on creating apps that can improve our wellbeing and way of life. An Apple watch, with all the useful applications, is setting down deep roots and guarantees a superior future to all the watch proprietors.
This way, one can find the suitable applications that they wish to use on their iWatch to increase productivity. Here is a list of a few of the effective applications that could be of use.

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