How to help kids with phone addiction?

Kids love screens

A poll in 2018 by Common sense media found that a whopping 59% of parents felt that their teenager kids were addicted to mobiles. This and various other alarming statistics force parents to put into effect child cell phone monitoring as part of parenting routine. Take a few examples.

You go to your son’s bedroom to wish good night, but he refuses to stop playing Fortnite video game on his smart-phone. Annoyed, you tried to talk to your daughter, who is studying for her school test, but instead, she is also busy texting.

Such examples have become just the tip of the iceberg. NBC News claims that teenagers spend six to nine hours daily in front of screens. That is amazing and horrifying at the same level. Being born in an era where screens surround them, it is quite a struggle to avoid these facts.

On the one hand, cell phones have become essential. But the usage does come into question. How much of the smart-phones functions are crucial and if they are then in what quantity. When does reliance turn into addiction? Has it reached the stage where you need to track Whatsapp messages of your kids without them knowing?

There are various positives too. Kids nowadays have unlimited resources to help them with their homework and school assignments. But all that online surfing can lead them to overdo mobile use and lead to dangerous results.

Signs of Phone addiction

Phone addiction is the modern-day epidemic that has swept the whole world in its wake. Like many parents, you may try to monitor your children secretly too to make sure they are not addicted to their mobiles.

But sometimes, things can get out of your hands, and your kids don’t even realize they are addicted. But how will you know? Here are some of the usual symptoms:-
  • They can be seen sweating, shaking, headaches, and nausea. It is a similar sign seen in drug withdrawal patients too. 
  • A drastic weight reduction can be seen as once eating becomes secondary to mobile use.
  • Sleeping patterns get disturbed and insomnia kicks in.
  • Heightened anxiety over the misplacement of cell phone
  • Extreme aggression to control mobile’s possession
  • Mental health issues arising from physical isolation from friends and family

How to help your teenager overcome mobile addiction?

Although smart-phones are proving beneficial for all and the present generation, teenagers have used it to such an extent that parents are forced to track kids web browsing activities regularly. Parents do get worried about their constant connection to gadgets.

But there are a series of steps parents can take to combat such addiction by:-

1. Create awareness

Try to have an open discussion about the benefits and negatives of mobile screen time, and how to spend that time. Instead of lecturing them, involve them in a healthy debate about the pros and cons can spark discussion, they don’t feel awkward and annoyed. You can show the practical and smart use of mobiles and how excessive screen time has detrimental effects.

2. Have screen-free zones

Once there has been a discussion on healthy mobile use, you can move on to the next step. It is establishing screen-free zones like family outings, dinner table, bed, etc. You don’t need to monitor your children secretly to ensure compliance, as you will be doing the same. This way, they can understand the importance of these activities.

3. Set healthy examples

When kids see their parents regularly on the mobile screen, they feel encouraged to copy the same behavior. Stick to the limits and boundaries you are setting for them if you want them to listen to your suggestions.

4. Track mobile use as a family

Teenagers always look for a way around controls when they know their activities are under extreme observation. Talk with them about healthy limits and use various external or in-mobile apps to set screen time. These apps will track their usage for every app.

5. Use a monitoring software

If you are not present due to a prior engagement, then there are technical solutions. You can use a monitoring tool like a child cell phone monitoring software to track their mobile activities behind your back.

6. Create a reasonable plan

Create a reasonable time limit on their cell phone usage, and then show them a much healthy alternative. This will fill the time the vacant time they have now, and thus, they won’t feel the absence of mobile use. This will ensure they don’t go back to old habits.

Practical uses of a child cell phone monitoring software

There are various parental tracking software that you can use to spy on Facebook and other popular apps used by kids nowadays. These apps have the kid addicted, and these software's can offer some useful features to keep a close eye.

Here is a brief look at the ways:-

  • You will get accurate GPS tracking location with detailed live information
  • It will show detailed call logs and phone book viewing
  • It gives you the view of their calendar and schedule reminders
  • You get detailed information on SMS logs
  • You can monitor Whatsapp messages and other such chat platforms
  • You will get a daily live update on their browser history
  • You will see all the multimedia exchanged on the target device
  • All the information will be available with time and date stamp


How to control our kid’s mobile use? It is a question that makes every parent restless, and there are no easy answers, to be honest. The only way is a healthy discussion and a mutually agreed child cell phone monitoring system in place. This way, they won’t feel lectured and angry. Rather they will feel responsible for maintaining a lively home atmosphere with parents setting an example to follow.