Benefits of Embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website

Hashtags and their use have gained tremendous popularity in the recent few years be it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Hashtags are words or phrases which can be used to start a conversation, find or follow people on different social media platforms.

Using hashtags in each of your Instagram posts can increase the exposure of your posts by a whooping high percentage. Also, did you know if you add even a single hashtag on your posts, it increases its engagement on Instagram by 12.6%? If you are underestimating the power of using hashtags on Instagram, you are losing a good opportunity to market your business.

Moreover, if your Instagram posts are enriched with hashtags, this Instagram hashtag feed can be embedded on your website to reap even greater benefits. So, you can actually kill two birds with one stone. Use small, simple and unique hashtags to showcase your brand image. This can also help out your users to come across your brand when they are searching for a particular thing on Instagram.

Benefits of embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website

1. Increases the dwelling time

Dwelling time on the website refers to the average time period for which a single user stays on your website. Increase in the dwelling rate of your website signifies the power of any website to seek visitor’s attention. Embedding Instagram hashtag feed on the website increases the chances of visiting your website after they came across your Instagram post.
When they ultimately visit your website, they are now able to access both the Instagram feed and website content at the same time and place. This increases the dwelling time and decreases the bounce rate in return.

2. Enhances the conversion rates

Conversion rates refer to the rate by which any particular activity on your website by any visitor leads him to buy the product or service i.e. contribute to the sales. Instagram hashtag feed makes your posts shoppable and can make the Instagram user to finally end up at your website. 

Once the gap between social presence and digital presence is bridged, there are greater chances of getting the product sold.  Moreover, it's not only about increasing the sales, but this also enables a brand to create better brand and customer relationships leading to relationship marketing rather than a transactional one.

3. UGC content is the key

Instagram hashtag feed contributes a lot in creating user-generated content which in itself is a successful marketing strategy to adopt. Any hashtag campaign, one that will lure your audience to get engaged in it and create authentic feed is a key to building your brand image. 

For instance, asking your audience to share the photos with their products to get featured using a unique hashtag is the best UGC strategy to follow.

When UGC content is made to embed on your website with the help of Instagram hashtags, visitors can trust your brand better. 

It builds a social proof of your brand which further creates a sense of reliability and authenticity in the minds of the customers. Thus, displaying UGC is a vital marketing strategy that can only be leveraged through a good hashtag campaign.

4. Creates a social buzz

Hashtags are impressively powerful in making your content go viral. If found relatable and useful by the audience, the hashtag content can reach millions and trillions of users in a few days and can even be seen revolving around the social space after years too. 
When a hashtag content can create a social buzz and gets viral, it has the ability to engage a large number of users and ROI to raise inevitably by a huge amount. So, a unique content coupled with good hashtags is a way to go!

5. Increases product visibility

A hashtag campaign or simply adding hashtags to your Instagram posts increase your post visibility and thereby the visibility of the brand. When the same feed is embedded on the website, users can connect the two easily.

If you have an e-commerce website, you should be glad for this invention. Adding shoppable posts to your Instagram hashtag feed and embedding the same on the website is a sure shot to hype up your sales. 

Instagram hashtag feed enables users to go after your products and buy them by their own wish rather than forcing them to buy your products. Forcing your users to buy your products never works out and makes your audience to deflect. 

Embedding Instagram hashtag feed directs your online audience to your website automatically and not forcibly which increases the chances of conversion rates.


These were some of the known benefits of embedding Instagram feed on your website that actually works well. Its high time don’t let these low-cost benefits of raising your company’s profit go in vain, embed Instagram hashtag feed on the website, generate revenue and increase your sales.