What Type of Personality Do You Need?

If you are excited about the idea of having your own company, having your schedules, planning your future, you must first know, if you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur. The main entrepreneurial characteristics.

You may have created the best business plan in the world, but do you possess the essential skills and personality traits necessary to carry out the work plan? In this article we will try to elucidate what are the skills you will need to advance: commitment, motivation, emotional recovery capacity, stress management, and time management, to name a few. But, of course, you have the freedom and flexibility to make your program. Zoe Talent Solutions will help you in a better way to develop your personality.

Personality type to start a business

Are you willing, for example, to work very hard, all day, every day? And, before answering instantly "! Of course!" - I only ask you to think for a moment about the implications of the question. We are not talking about having to stay a couple of hours a night. And we are not talking about making an extra effort for a one-time project. It is a tiring calendar that could potentially continue for weeks or months. There are cases in which the effort to start the company extends a full year.

Sometimes you have to skip a meal or get too little sleep, but starting a business can be an exhausting task. It has nothing to do with the romantic idea of working when you want, take the day off because it is sunny, etc., etc. If the company takes off, then you can start enjoying all the effort, but first, you have to be willing.


Related to your level of commitment is your ability to be motivated, and crucially, self-motivation. This is not the same as being pushed to do something because someone tells you that or because another matter demands it. It has to come from within you.

This is already quite difficult when things go well - but what happens when things go wrong? g in the first few days. “We have suffered many robberies of merchandise, we had moments in which it seemed that the business was going to waste. And sometimes, I didn't know what to do. ”
There are times when even the most determined person has moments when he is not sure which direction to take, or even if he knows, he doubts he has the energy to support it. You have to believe in yourself and decide that, no matter what the circumstances, you will not be defeated.

Emotional recovery capacity

Belief in yourself is not enough. You must also have the ability to work for yourself, often for yourself. At first, this may sound like happiness. No more irritating company policies. No more tedious gossip. No more stabbing in the back.

But what about jokes and jokes in the office? What about lunches on Monday afternoon and happy hours on Friday night? More seriously, what about brainstorming sessions in search of solutions and new ideas? Will you miss all this? If you are like most entrepreneurs, you probably will. You should know that developing a new company can be a very lonely task and you can feel, professionally at least, very isolated.

But there is a solution. It is possible and necessary to build a virtual team. A circle of colleagues who communicate by phone, by email, face-to-face via videoconference, or even in person but instead of doing it every day as in the office, they meet once a month or when they deem it necessary.
Another very important point is not to isolate oneself, to go out and interact with people, even when those exits are not directly related to the business. It is also worth joining a group of professionals to maintain contact, even if it is only to know that other people have gone through what you are going through and identify with what you feel. In itself, this can be a great source of support.

So those who decide to advance in business on their own do not have to stay out completely. But at least they should be aware that there will be some moments of solitude and they will have to be overcome.


All this talk about what can go wrong and how bad it can turn out is not to scare you, but to let you know that not everything is pink. However, I urge you to remain optimistic. “It makes no sense to do something if you think it will not work. [But] sometimes you just have to think of ways to make it work better. ”


Starting a new business is an opportunity to do something you have always wanted to do and never found anyone to pay you for doing it. It is your chance to do something that makes you happy.