How to earn quality backlinks with guest posting?

Back-links are essential factors in increasing authority for a website. Search Engines discover fresh web pages through the links provided by existing sites. And for a search engine like Google to track your page, it is essential that you are discoverable.

If you do not have any back-links, it becomes complicated for Google to find you. Thus, back-links lead to a quicker revelation. Once Google has crawled your site and has been assured that you are a credible one it will index your site. Meaning it will add the website to the web search.

Out of the several ways of receiving back-links from other sites, Guest Posting is a fruitful approach

However crazy it may sound to many for providing their hard-written content to other bloggers, it has proven to be quite effective in generating authoritative back-links.

What does Guest Posting mean? 

It is the process of writing blogs and submitting them to websites other than yours for publishing. Guest Blogging is another name for this method of getting back-links from blogs to your own website in exchange for an article.

The links can be mentioned in different places in the post. The first probability is a link in the body of the article anchored to a related keyword or phrase. But the possibilities are higher for the link to be mentioned in the author bio attached at the end of the article. 

Internal links prove to be more helpful. The clicks on the link will be higher if it comes on while reading the blog rather than once the information has been received.

Moreover, there are two main types of links that foreign sites will reward you with. They are:

Do-follow - Any link by default is a do-follow link. They enable search engines to discover you and by that help in getting you added to the search engine’s index.

No-follow - A do-follow link can be manually changed to a no-follow one. These types of tags prove to be of no value. They do not help in increasing the ranking of a page. On the contrary, they show the webmaster that your site is unreliable or “do not visit this site”. It is better to avoid sharing your precious article for such an exchange.

The link you insert on certain target words is known as anchor text. It is the clickable part of the text also called hyperlink. 

It gives the best results when you have chosen the most relevant keywords. 

The most common form of this anchor text is the underlined one with blue font color. This is standardized by the webmaster.

Despite this, it is possible to use HTML code to change the font and color of the anchor text. 

Use guest posting to get quality back-links

To get good results it is essential to submit well-written content that provides valuable information to the readers. 

But sometimes even with the best content, it is possible to not get the results you were expecting. Therefore, you need to take into consideration every minor detail while carrying out guest posting.

By using different approaches for carrying out guest posting, you can build a relationship with other bloggers. This will help you in getting referrals to your blog. Also, bloggers will ask you for content or may provide some suggestions to improve your writing. Free expert advice is never a waste.

Besides, posting on popular sites will expose your writings to a wider audience. It would be an easy way to gain new readers. And eventually, if the quality of your content is good they might start visiting your website regularly. Converting to your loyal readers.

More credibility can be gained by guest blogging on high authority websites. Because if they have mentioned you means they trust you. This will end up increasing trust among visitors on others’ sites. 

Find websites

There are four ways to find out which sites are accepting Guest Posts:

Search Engine - Firstly, to find out blogs that are allowing guest posting, you can search for it on google. Searching “[your specialization] sites accepting guest posts” is one method.

While another way is to type certain keywords related to guest posting like:

  • Write for us
  • Contribute
  • Guest Post
  • Guest Contribution
  • Guest Post Guidelines
  • Editorial Guidelines
  • Contribution Guidelines
  • Submit a post
  • Submit an article

There will be ample of suggestions for you once you have done this.

Within relevant sites - An alternative to the previous process is searching for the similar keywords in the search bar provided by websites that have the same niche as yours. For example if you are a digital marketing company you could make a list of sites that provide digital marketing services, website development services, other businesses that write articles on SEO and social media. 

However, if the webpage does not show a search bar, you can also type the domain name along with the keywords mentioned above. For a site named Thrillax, making a search for write for us would give expected search results.

Follow other guest bloggers - When you see posts on some blog you can see that there are many Guest Bloggers. You can list some authors that you notice are frequently posting on various sites. You can search for them on Google and that will give you the list of the sites they have been posting on. Making the task of finding Guest Posting sites even easier for you.

Email pitching - Even after all these options if you are short of host websites, there is one more choice. You can directly send pitches through email for guest posting to the sites. In case you do not find any mentions of accepting guest articles on the site you can politely ask them through email or the contact forms provided. The worst that could happen is they would deny the fact. No harm in approaching. 

But be prepared for denials. Good blogs continuously get such requests and they might not even reply to you. Do not get your spirits low. Keep pitching to different sites continuously.  

Choose good authority websites

Once you are ready with a list of websites, you can check the authority of their domain. You can use a free tool like Small SEO tools for this purpose. However, paid tools like SemRUSH or Ahrefs will get you accurate details about the domain. 

Check for the Domain Authority of the page, the minimal must be 25. Sites with an authority lower than that will not be very credible. 

Some domains will have a group of websites under a similar IP, these are the sites you might want to avoid. When you contact such a site, the host will provide you a list of other websites that he controls and will accept just any kind of unpublished blog you provide in exchange for certain payment amount.

Understandable domain names are signs of good websites. Moreover, such webpages will allow you to interact with polished and sophisticated readers. Giving you exposure to an already established community and people that will actually provide you benefits.

Supplying content to authentic blogs will pose you as a credible source of information. Making your audience believe that you are acknowledged by reputable brands. As a result, generating increased trust on your own blog (and brand eventually). 

Content and link insertion

To get your post published on a high authority website it must be providing value to its readers. You must link back to the source when stating a fact. Also, the sites that you link to should be reliable on the web. 

Insert links to your own blogs if they are relevant to the topic and provide a deeper insight.  However, it is also a good option to link to other sites that you have gained the information from if they are credible enough. 

Having links in the body of the post is better for SEO as well as for getting more clicks from the readers compared to those placed below in the author's bio. Host bloggers will usually tell you that you can only place your link in the author bio. In that case, try to convince them that the link will add relevant information to the post and benefit the readers. 

Collaborating with other bloggers will help build your influence over a new group. Leading to new subscribers gradually. Grasp this golden opportunity to share with them what you are offering. Or how you can provide assistance by providing actionable advice that is not shared elsewhere.

Moreover, building better relations with fellow bloggers will help you in improving your content. They will give suggestions on your content. You can discuss with them strategies and they will share their opinions on it. Giving you new topic to write on. 

Back-links are an essential component of SEO

When authoritative sites link back to your site, it will do wonders for your site rank on search engines. Such sites will make your content more recognizable. Aiding Google and akin search engines in indexing your blog. 

Try to approach websites having the same target audience as that of yours. This will build relevancy. It will enhance your referral traffic. As more people will click on the links to read more information on the topic. 

Higher the number of back-links to a website, better the ranking on search engines including Google. So, start contributing to different websites and gain as many new back-links as you can. 

Hence, backlinks are a great way to build off-site SEO. 

With the help of Guest Posting, you will be rewarded with quality back-links making you trustworthy to Google, other search engines and their users.

Share your insights on this topic in the comments section. 

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