How to Create Customer Video Testimonials?

Video media for communication is magical. Everyone spends some time and gives attention to pictures and films because they get more information in a short time. Not everyone has the skills to make a top-quality video. One would recommend using professional video testimonial makers in your locality (or you could search online). Get the best people in the business, it will be money well spent. Here are tips to guide you in your video making stint if you decide to go it alone.

Make Effective Videos

Everyone agrees videos are powerful and they also agree that this is due to the involvement of the audience in the video. They get in there and are part of the discussion though the scene might last only for 30 seconds or so. The first 30 seconds of your video must draw the audience in. to do this, outline the common problem that you address using your product. 

It might be how your paper towels absorb oil and stay functional. The other products in the market disintegrate and this is your talking point. Instead of showing the designs and colours, go straight to showing the disintegrating towels and then pull out your own. It gets done in a couple of seconds giving you time to talk and explain your brand and how the viewer can get (Oh yes, they are sure to want to know that). 

Develop the Scenario to Explain the Context 

While you don't have to go to the jungle to showcase a bear, viewers must realize how dangerous the creature can be. You might be explaining how to use the emergency whistle you have in your backpack and get help if confronted with danger. Only when the danger becomes real, your whistle will be of significance. Otherwise, the viewer will dismiss it as some cheap gimmick. 

Use Well-Worded Questions

Use words that address a specific issue. You don't want words that create more confusion in the minds of the viewers. You are addressing a question on the pricing of crockery. The debate is over why the dishware remains priced so high and is it right to pay such a high price for it. 

You don't want to introduce a new element such as whether the dishes are durable or not. You want questions that answer the pricing question alone. This will draw the attention of the viewers and keep it there. Bring out the plus point - The customer is paying for the superior material that costs more.

Use a Good Structure for the Video

There is a story-telling format where you outline the problems customers face with other products. You bring out your product as the answer that has eluded the customers so long. Unless it is a story with a little bit of suspense and horror of not getting the desired result, the audience will not stay immersed in your story. 

You could use the interview format where the user gets quizzed on the kind of products he or she has used and how they discovered your product. It is important to guide the attention of the viewers by asking a list of questions that lead to the answer - your product. Use questions like How does the customer testimonials affect business? What are its desirable features? Did you have to overcome any obstacle to buy the product? 

Avoid Direct Promotion of the Product

This will help to kill the product. The only thing the viewer will remain interested in is the next program. They do not want to hear someone promoting something they don't believe in even if there are genuine good points in the advertised product. You have to let the viewer deduce the result and so the element of suspense is important. 

Again, professional video testimonials companies have a lot of experience in this line. They will avoid beginner’s mistakes that viewers will spot easily. But you can make your video if you pay attention to details. 

Author’s Bio:

Aleksi Halsas, CMO at Trustmary offers a customer and employee testimonials that create appealing content to engage the readers all around the world. To boost the marketing and sales with high-quality video testimonials is the author’s keen desire.