How to Create Beautiful Visual Contents with DesignCap Online Tool


Great graphics are a vital part of a successful marketing strategy. Thanks for the vast improvement of graphic design tool that makes possible for non-designer to create beautifully visual contents. And in this post, you would learn one of the robust graphic software to do your design task.  

What is DesignCap?


DesignCap is an extraordinary and straightforward graphic design tool, perfect for creating all types of posters, infographics, logos and more.

Some of its main features:
  • A user-friendly and user-friendly platform.
  • A wide variety of graphic design models.
  • A vast library of archive photos, illustrations, shapes, characters and backgrounds.

Well, look no further, let’s get started to check how does this tool work.

How to use DesignCap - 4 simple steps

You can access to its website and then register your DesignCap account. Either by login with your email address or directly with your Social media account(Facebook or Google).

Select template or customize the size

DesignCap has already put together the most common dimension templates for you.

Here you can choose from different templates:

Marketing material likes infographic, poster, flyer, logo, business cards, brochure, Facebook Ad, leaderboard and menu.
Social media posts, such as Facebook posts, Instagram posts and Pinterest Graphics.
Social media headers include Youtube channel art, Facebook cover, Youtube Thumbnail, Twitter header, Tumblr banner and Email header. Also, invitation and card for the event.

If you want to create your own design in any dimension, then you can click the button Customize size and then enter the specific digit to set it.

2. Create Graphic

Follow the previous step choosing a template, then you will redirect to the edit windows. Here you can use a template and customize it to your liking. But if you don't want to use its template and want to start from scratch, then you can use its graphics and photo to improve it.

You can find more on DesignCap, under the graphics tab, so you can use shape and icon to decorate. Besides, you can upload your own image to apply your design. This function allows you to use your collected nice picture. Also you can set the canvas background.

3. Customize fonts and colors

If you've selected a font, you can change the font and color when you click the text.

Although “a picture is worth a thousand words,” the text should be ignored; the necessary text could make the viewers understand your visual content better. Also, the eye-catching text would achieve incredibly affect.
In the text section, you can select from hundreds of font; after then, you can edit it by changing the size, to make it bold, italic or underline, typography and color, etc.

4. Download file

When you're done, you can save your project on DesignCap cloud storage for redesign whenever you want. To download the file, you can click the Download button to do it. Best of best, DesignCap enables you to share your design with your friends and invite them to continue to edit your works. That would be a good idea to get your works more exposure.


Wrapping up

If you want to enhance your visual contents or the content of your own website with infographics, you do not need to resort to expensive software or complicated image processing programs. Nowadays, user-friendly and comprehensive online tools make it possible to create different visualizations, which can be edited with data, visually enriched and shared via different media. Also. after reviewing DesignCap, how do you think about this tool? Have you ever used it? DesignCap is really an easy tool for you who have not any design skills to do graphic design.