Convert Maildir to Thunderbird

Convert Maildir to Thunderbird

It has become prevalent among internet users to use more than one email account. Millions of internet users use the desktop-based Email Client application to manage their email accounts. Some well-known email clients like Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and more desktop-based professional users. However, there are many conditions to consider when you need to transfer your email copy to other email clients. Many users use various email formats to store various email messages. Therefore, transferring emails from one account to another is not an easy method. Maildir, which is used by common email client apps, is one of the email storage formats.

Maildir email format is the best way to store email messages where each message is stored in a distinct file with a distinctive name and where each folder is a directory. The local file system handles file locking such as adding messages, transferring messages and deleting messages

Advantages of Maildir:
  • It involves folders that are nested. The delivery agent has less opportunity of mailbox corruption and there is a lock on the mail folder in this contest. 
  • It's more effective. It offers quicker storage and retrieval of emails. It has fewer backups and restores overheads. 
  • Backups are easier and shorter because the quantity of information to be backed up is decreased by only emails that have altered since the last backup.
  • It is easier for antivirus to scan emails in individual files, and infected mails can be removed without losing all the other mails in the folder, as is often the case with anti-virus software that can not handle multiple emails in one file today.

This may be a disadvantage if you want to transfer to another email program later and still have access to your old messages. If you select MailDir, however, it's no problem to process old mails in Mbox format. Just send or move the papers to the Maildir file.

First of all, if users want to export Maildir to Thunderbird, let's consider a true scenario. For multiple reasons, a user can switch from Maildir format. It can be anything like changing employment, email clients swapping or sending other important emails, etc.

Important reasons :
  • Users want to use Thunderbird's Linux Operating System to access old Maildir emails. 
  • Users want to import messages to Thunderbird Client from Maildir Mailbox. 
  • Users want to migrate emails to Thunderbird's Maildir cur folder. 
  • Users want to import Mac Client files from Windows Maildir to Thunderbird.

Thunderbird is a client (XMPP, IRC, Twitter) for newsgroups, email, media feed, and chat.
Features of Thunderbird

1. Message management 

Thunderbird can manage multiple email, newsgroup, and news feeds accounts and promotes different identities of accounts. Features such as quick search, saved search folders ("virtual folders"), sophisticated email filtering, message grouping, and labels help handle and locate emails.

2. Junk Filtering

Thunderbird involves a Bayesian spam filter, an address book-based whitelist and can also comprehend categories of server-based filters such as SpamAssassin.

3. Extensions and themes

Extensions allow adding features by installing XPInstall modules (known as "XPI" or "zippy" setup) via the add-ons page, which also features an update function for updating the extensions.

4. Standards support
  • POP is a fundamental protocol for email retrieval.
  • IMAP— Thunderbird adding Google and Apple's extensions and de facto norms.
  • LDAP is intended to complete the address.
  • S / MIME shall provide X.509 keys for email encryption and signing supplied by a centralized certificate authority.
  • OpenPGP is backed by extensions like Enigmail.

5. File format supported

It utilizes mailbox support format plug-ins. The July 2014 supporting mailbox formats are: 
mbox – Unix mailbox format. 
Maildir – called Maildir-lite.

We need to migrate it to the thunderbird because of Maildir's disadvantages. We need a specialist method to import Maildir to Thunderbird to fix this. Unlikely, there is no manual way to export Maildir straight to Thunderbird. Hence we have a professional Maildir Converter solution for this.

With sophisticated migration techniques, the software is developed without failure. 
Maildir Converter features It migrates all of your Maildir++/Maildir information whether it is a single file or various documents.

Users can readily delete or delete duplicate messages from their information with this software.


We mentioned here the Maildir's disadvantage and why we need to transform it into a thunderbird. And we gave a skilled migration solution after that. I guarantee you that using this software you will find a better alternative.
This software can operate and support all Windows Operating System later and later versions.