The Long-Form Video Marketing Opportunity (Infographic)

Video Marketing Opportunity (Infographic)

Looking for a way to refresh your video marketing strategy in 2020? Long-form video could be the answer!

In 2017, longer videos on Facebook received 79% more shares and 74% more views than short videos. Study after study highlights the growing appetite among consumers for longer and more meaningful content from brands. 

Long-form videos can be used to serve a wide range of purposes. For example, they are an ideal way to educate consumers about complex topics on which your business is an expert. Surveys have also revealed a myriad of benefits for businesses, including the ability to lengthen the average duration of website visits, improve engagement rates, boost your SEO value, and gain greater visibility on YouTube. 

If you are interested in learning more about long-form video marketing, then you should certainly check out the below infographic from One Productions. This helpful graphic shows you how to create a marketing strategy that makes the most of the long-form video opportunity and offers some practical tips on how to create the perfect video. 

Scroll down to the infographic below to learn more about how you can leverage long-form video in your content marketing strategy today.

Video Marketing Opportunity (Infographic)