The best programming language for Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

All set to be the science of the future, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened up a realm of possibilities for the human community by taking advantage of deep learning and machine learning. With this latest technology, it is possible to create applications which can hear, see and react accordingly.

Currently, a dedicated AI language is not available but a number of popular programming languages are supported. Before deciding on a programming language to be used for AI, it is important to ensure that it can be used extensively. Let us look at the top 5 languages that are currently being used for AI development.

1. Python is considered to be the most popular language because of its simplicity. The syntax is easy to learn. Another reason that the language is being largely used in the AI field is due to the fact that it supports a very large number of frameworks and libraries for machine learning as well as deep learning. Python supports object oriented, functional and procedure oriented style of programming thereby making it easier to adapt and learn. Some of the helpful packages available in Python are Numpy, Scypy, and Pybrain. Extensive community support is also available. 

2. Java is highly user friendly, easy to debug and runs across multiple platforms without the need for additional recompilation. Although the performance execution of a program coded in Java is better when compared to Python, Java is more complex and hence difficult to learn. Java is the go-to language for developing games. Further, as Java also incorporates Swing and the Standard Widget Toolkit (SWT), graphics and interfaces created using this language tend to look sophisticatedly made.

3. Lisp is a great programming language used in many large scale AI projects mainly due to the fact that it provides the best prototyping capabilities and supports symbolic expressions. The language uses a very simple notation in which the operations and their operands are given in a parenthesized list. It also provides the functionality of automatic garbage collection along with the dynamic creation of the new object. Another feature that adds on the popularity of lisp is that it allows the developers to create a domain specific level of abstraction on which the next level can be built. 

4. Prolog is a high level programming language which is based on formal logic. It is considered to be an extremely useful language for AI programming as it offers the mechanisms of tree based data structuring, automatic backtracking and pattern matching which help provide a flexible and powerful framework. Further, it is also important to remember that it is a rule based and declarative language as it contains facts and rules which in turn dictate its AI coding language.

5. C++ is considered to be the greatest object oriented language in the world. It is also the fastest computer language and hence AI projects that are time sensitive are coded in this language. Search engines and computer games are coded using this language as it provides faster execution and needs less execution time. It also allows for the extensive use of algorithms and efficient use of statistical AI techniques. 

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