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It is impossible to overestimate the value of travel. Curious and brave people made the world the way it is now. The cultural values that unite humanity are the merit of travelers. From the very beginning of human civilization, people traveled from one continent to another, settling in new places of the planet, mastering the practices, and cultivate cultural, business, and political relationships. Christopher Columbus, James Cook, Athanasius Nikitin, Marco Polo, and other great travelers of the past wrote exciting reports about unknown countries in Asia, America and Europe.

Considering the history of traveling, the taste of it can still be felt today. The sense of freedom it offers and the opportunity to see the beauty of the world and cultures it provides an ultimate sense of pleasure to our mind and body. Traveling the world and seeing the beauty that resides in it must be our top priority. Living and earning is important, but traveling is quite necessary to keep yourself fresh. 

Do you know what is better than traveling the world? Travelling for free! Our NonRev passengers are the ones who have the authority of travelling the world for free. NonRev passengers are the ones who are, or whose relative is, an employee of an airline company. They get the chance of traveling and enjoying the beauty of the world for free. However, everything comes at a cost. This free ticket requires them to make a lot of efforts in inquiring about the tickets and flights.

Why is it so? 

Airline companies have a policy of accounting for paid passengers first. When a seat is left, it is, then, allotted to the NonRev passengers. Since it is usually an 11th-hour situation for the NonRev passengers; they often miss out the opportunity of traveling to their desired location.

NonRev Loads Is the Solution to Your Problem

NonRev Loads has been developed and designed in order to eliminate this issue. NonRev passengers have been facing this issue for a very long time where they have to make several calls or wait at the airport to find out if they are going to make it to their destination through the NonRev Travel ticket. This whole procedure requires a lot of unnecessary efforts and wastage of precious time. Considering the artificial intelligence and its benefits that the world of internet and technology has blessed us with, NonRev Loads has been designed to analyze the data and multiple variables to give the NonRev flights information and estimation related to these flights. 

Flights Standby

NonRev Loads is the solution to all your flights standby issues. Now, you don’t need to go to the airport or visit airlines offices all the time to check the NonRev Flights Standby status. This application will help you in getting all the information required. The flights standby information available on the application is aligned in the form of the benefits that the flights are offering to the customers.

Standby Loads

Are you tired of keeping track of the information related to standby loads? Do you want a proper system which can update you on a timely basis about all the flights that are available for you being a NonRev passenger? NonRev Loads is the best application to update and notify you about all the standby loads and international flight status. With the data of more than 150 airlines in its database, NonRev Loads makes sure that you receive all the updated data and information necessary to make the best decision related to your NonRev standby loads.

What’s New? 

After a good amount of observation and testing, we believe that this application has some of the things which are worthy of mentioning. One of which is the optimal use of artificial intelligence by the system. 

The Use of AI

This application uses artificial intelligence technology to make estimations for your flight's standby and standby loads decisions. It takes different variables under consideration, including the rate of buying, history, and the pattern of consumers. These variables help the application in analyzing if the user has a chance of getting the NonRev seat in the flight. Such estimation is helpful for the customers where it gives the user a form of surety that he will be able to book the flight. The users are able to prepare for the flights and to have the adventure to their favorite destination. 

Another best use of the AI that NonRev Loads has is that it sorts out the data. It takes away the responsibility of making the best flight decision from you. All you need to do is to provide the required information in the filter section and let the application do all the work for you. It will compare all the available flights under the parameters defined by you and provide you the best flights standby and standby loads results to you. 

What else do you need? Everything is done through the AI. You don’t need to make a random guess to your flight decisions. This application is here to do it all for you. The back end programming with perform this task within the short span of a minute and provide you the best results. 


When you use any application to get the information related to your flights, they usually keep your crucial data and sell it to the third party. Most of the free apps let the third parties advertise on their application and earn a good amount of money. NonRev Loads has a strict policy against such acts. It believes in keeping the user's data secure and prevents any third party from accessing it.

Customer satisfaction is the highest priority for NonRev Loads, and they prove it through the quality of security they offer to its users. The information that NonRev Loads receive from its users is only shared with the airline authorities. 

Customer Support

NonRev Loads has a marvelous form of customer support where all the queries of the customers are heard. We tested their customer support over multiple matters. All the queries were answered within a short period of time. Unlike other applications, customer support took only a few minutes to solve our issues and answered our questions. 

Pricing and Packaging

The prices charges can never compete the services offered by NonRev Loads. For such marvelous services, you pay a very nominal price to save yourself the money and efforts that you would be spending in getting the information related to flights standby and standby loads. You can always browse the packages and buy any of them. 

In Conclusion, NonRev Loads is the lifesaver for NonRev passengers. If you haven’t downloaded the application, do so right now and save yourself a lot of time and bucks.