7 Tactical Tips To Improve The Search Visibility Of Your Website

SEO Campaign

The push to the number one position on Google requires a good many efforts that need to align. Every company has the potential to make it to the top of the searches, they need only strategize on what search terms they target in their SEO campaign.

So what exactly is optimization and why do some websites achieve this at a higher level than others? The answer is never exactly the same between two websites because there are over 200 variables and influencing factors that affect ranking. Generally speaking, websites who rank in the top spots score higher overall when it comes to a specific search phrase, which is why search engine optimization is a long term strategy. 

The goal for every website is to cover as many ranking factors as possible for as many keywords and phrases as possible. The three major areas to address are the technical elements of optimization, the content you publish on-site and your off-site optimization.

Technical SEO

One of the first areas that should be addressed before any other is the technical optimization of your site. There are technical details that can influence the ranking of your site and by identifying the errors that are produced from an SEO audit you can turn negative influence into a postive influence.

The faster your website the better

User experience can be linked to every ranking factor in some way or another. One of the most obvious characteristics of a website is the speed in which its pages load. According to Machmetrics, the average load time across all industries is an average of 8.66 seconds. This leaves a lot of room for improvement considering the recommended page speed is 3 seconds or faster since any longer and you’re losing traffic to your most impatient visitors. This also creates an opportunity to improve an aspect of your website's technical SEO that scores higher than your competition. 

Google rewards fast websites and they provide the tools and documentation necessary for you to improve in this area. Google PageSpeed Insights is one of many free tools that can test the speed of your pages and report the items that are slowing down the overall load time. 

For those not familiar with HTML, CSS or javascript, you can speed up your pages considerably using a CDN that is in most cases provided free of charge by your hosting provider. Amazon Cloudfront is a free CDN you can use that will improve the speed of your site and take care of the coding issues that you may not be comfortable doing yourself.

Responsive and made for mobile

When it became obvious that mobile search would be the dominant source of total search traffic, everything related to mobile became a factor in influencing ranking. Today every website is made with mobile in mind and it is the first version of your website that is indexed by Google as of June 2018. This should give you a clear idea of the importance of owning a site that is mobile-friendly. This topic is almost a moot point since if your site is not made for mobile it will soon be extinct when Google starts deindexing websites that aren’t made to be displayed on a mobile device.

Duplicate content

If your site has duplicate content there is a good chance you’re already experiencing a penalty. All duplicate pages, titles and descriptions will need to be corrected to reverse the effects of a penalty. You can use a free audit tool such as Deepcrawl, to identify the duplicate content affecting your site.

You are what you publish

The content you produce represents your company, your brand and your reputation. The standard set by the top-performing websites in every niche is to publish downright amazing content. Produce high-quality content by knowing your audience, anticipating what their needs are and making sure you’re providing an enjoyable method of delivery.

Cater to the right crowd

Producing top-notch content isn’t just about writing great articles but about identifying the audience that is most suited to what your business offers. Researching your keywords are a form of drilling down to the core essentials of what people are truly after when they type in a specific search term. 

Touch on issues that resonate with your audience

In order for your content to have the most impact, it has to address the issues and topics that affect people the most in their everyday lives. In order to identify those topics, it’s essential to survey your clients to hear straight from their mouth.

If this isn’t an option you can leverage the resources of big brands who have published frequently asked questions. There are a ton of relevant issues you can find where companies who have dealt with thousands of customers are publishing the answers to questions they get on a regular basis. You can find issues that are common to your potential clients which will resonate with them in the content you produce creating higher levels of engagement. 

Deliver the best in your business

Content is not just king, it’s jack, queen and the ace up your sleeve. When you create content it needs to meet and exceed the standards of your competitors in order to rank in the top positions in search results. You need only survey the first page of results to get an idea of what is working as a top-performing page.

Outperform your competition in every way possible. The on-page factors that influence a top-ranking are the optimization and comprehensive coverage of your keyword topic. If you can cover every aspect that is covered by your competition and then add your own topics and subtopics that aren’t covered you are effectively providing a more detailed piece of content. Addressing a wide range of related keyword topics is large part of optimizing for your keyword topic.

Strengthen your backlink profile

A strong backlink profile is equivalent to having letters of recommendation from other websites. If a website links to yours they are essentially endorsing your content. Links from a website within your industry have the most impact on the authority and ranking of your website so the goal is to increase the number of referring domains within your niche that link to your site. The more quality backlinks to your site, the higher the domain rating it receives.

In competitive niches, backlinks become a very important ranking factor because they improve your site's ability to outrank your competition. Guest posting is considered one of the most effective methods of creating high-quality backlinks because the practice satisfies the important aspects of a backlink profile. You can choose to submit an article to a site with a high DA within your niche. By publishing your content on a third-party site you’re essentially branding your business with the expertise you demonstrate as well as acquire a backlink to your site.


The result of your search visibility is a result of a combination of ranking factors. Improve on your websites technical SEO, content production and backlink profile to see the most dramatic results in securing a spot on the first page of Google.

Christian Carere is an SEO consultant and the founder of Digital Ducats Inc. Christian specializes in search engine optmiization services for SMB’s to increase traffic, leads and new clients.